[FFmpeg-user] Problems with Select Filter: File Formats

James Board jpboard2 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 17 16:32:35 CEST 2013

>> I'm trying to figure out why this occurs.  When I try to play the edited

>> file
>> with mplayer, it displays these complaints:
>>     AVI: ODML: Building ODML index (2 superindexchunks).
>>     AVI: ODML: Broken (incomplete?) file detected. Will use traditional
>> index.
>>     AVI: Generated index table for 10983 chunks!
>> Does that help identify the problem?
>Do not use avi.

Here are the steps I typically do, each of which creates a new intermediate

	1. Capture from Component video or HDMI.
	2. Inverse telecine or de-inetrlace, and simultaenously compress to ffvhuff.
	3. Edit out commercials and other crap using ffmpeg and the 'Select' video filter.
	4. Encode with an mpeg 4 codec (like libx264).
Currently all files are AVI, but I don't really care what the intermediate
file formats are.  What would be a better choice for the intermediate
file formats?  I want the edit step to be frame-exact, and I also want the
format that runs the fastest as well.  Are some formats faster than others?

Also, what's a good choice for the final output format?  This should
be fairly portable across machines, and future-proof.  However, I do
most of my work on Linux machine.

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