[FFmpeg-user] Converted DVDs in .mkv format lose Pause, FastForward, Skip, etc functions when I restream as mpeg to DLNA

jen142 at promessage.com jen142 at promessage.com
Thu Aug 22 21:16:20 CEST 2013

I removed the Panasonic BluRay player from the picture ...

I just setup VLC as a client to my movie store.

In it I can access BOTH the native mkv files and the re-streamed ones,
through the ffmpeg cmd in Mediatomb.

In VLC, Playing the native mkv files, all the 'action' controls function
perfectly.  Also, time-progress is shown, and changes, correctly.

Otoh, if I play the ffmpeg-converted streams, all the 'action' controls
are missing/disabled. AND, time-progress just sits at "0".

The movie DOES still play though.

This says to me that this the lack of controls is NOT the 'fault' of the
Panasonic BluRay player.

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