[FFmpeg-user] ~50% performance difference overlaying static image with png series using -vf/-filter_complex

d-fens d-fens at 00010111.de
Fri Aug 23 10:09:57 CEST 2013

Zitat von Paul B Mahol <onemda at gmail.com>:

> On 8/22/13, d-fens <d-fens at 00010111.de> wrote:
>> hi,
>> i have a background png and a sequence of pngs with transparency which
>> should overlay the background.
>> when i use
>> ./ffmpeg -i %04d.png -vf "movie=bg.png [bg]; [in] format=rgb32, split
>> [T1], fifo, [bg] overlay=0:0, [T2] overlay=0:0 [out]; [T1] fifo [T2]"
>> out.mp4
>> (taken from
>> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10438713/overlay-animated-images-with-transparency-over-a-static-background-image-using-f)
>> i get arround 13fps for fullHD images, but using
>> ./ffmpeg -loop 1 -i bg.png -i %04d.png -filter_complex
>> overlay=shortest=1 out.mp4
> Try removing loop and shortest.

this just outputs one frame, so no success :(

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