[FFmpeg-user] Exporting Images with Subtitles

Alex magixx2006 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 04:09:35 CET 2013

Currently I'm considering on making a video w/ subtitles to image w/
subtitles application and am wondering if there is a way to pretty much get
an idea of what the resulting product would look like with only ffmpeg.
So is there a way to also output subtitles onto images when creating them.
I'm basically creating a bunch of thumbnails with:
"ffmpeg -i v2.mkv -f image2 -vf "select=gt(scene\,0.5)" -vsync vfr
However, subtitles are not being added to the images.
I tried adding "-c:s copy" and also "ass=subtitle.ass"; with the former I
just got extra blank images and with the latter it errors and tells me that
subtitle.ass does not exist (media info says they're ssa subtitles).
If i manually extract subtitles.ass from the video and use the latter
command then I get some blank images again.
So is there an easy way of doing this?
Ideally I would take a image whenever a subtitle is displayed but I do not
believe this is easily done even with a combination of programs and is what
I will probably end up building if I like the early results of something
simple like this.

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