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Wed Dec 11 15:31:44 CET 2013

i am sorry ;

I want develop one c program which can  convert the audio from video to mp3 file;

I need more help than  the 'ffmpeg/doc/examples/*.c'.

I searched ' convert video to mp3' ,nothing found.

can you supply some c program demo ,usefull website or good idea

thank you Moritz, thank you every body. 

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Date:  Wed, Dec 11, 2013 09:32 PM
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On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 14:58:43 +0800, ???????????? wrote:
> hello,
> how can i convert video 2 mp3 file? 

I consider this impossible. If you are referring to what we usually
understand under "mp3", this is an audio format. You cannot "convert"
video to audio.

If you are looking for a filter which can create a sound which
"represents" the visuals in your video, I believe ffmpeg has no such
> ffmpeg -filters | grep -F 'V->A'

I think the other way is possible:
> ffmpeg -filters | grep -F 'A->V'
 ... avectorscope     A->V       Convert input audio to vectorscope video output.
 ... showspectrum     A->V       Convert input audio to a spectrum video output.
 ... showwaves        A->V       Convert input audio to a video output.

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