[FFmpeg-user] Converting

Carsten Theis gorschten at gmail.com
Thu Dec 12 09:03:04 CET 2013

Hi there.
I want to convert recorded tv files into mkv. I record some kids movies on
my "Edision vip" sattelite receiver. It is stored as separate trp files. Is
a record about 3,5 gb it is stored into:
each file is 700MB.

What I want to do is to make one file of 3,5gb and convert it into mkv
files format that supports hd video resolution and multi-audio channel 5.1.
I want to store it onto my nas. The kitchens tv can not playback trp files
but mkv files.
I like to do that with ffmpeg and not with any other software. I am looking
for a solution that match it in one step because I have no time to wait in
front of the pc to wait. If its start then it can take time to convert...
Who can help??
Thats in advance.


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