[FFmpeg-user] Best documentation web site ( or other source )

James Board jpboard2 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 15 17:14:54 CET 2013

> The lack of documentation for both the ffmpeg commandline
> tools and the asssociated libraries is a longstanding
> bugbear of mine, but unfortunately it's often the way with
> open source. Unfortunately there is often no other way than
> to ask on the mailing list. For instance, I recently had a

Constructive advice, not criticsm:

But you guys keep answering the same questions over and over
again.  Why not answer the question once, document it fully, put
it on the wiki, and then when someone asks, just point them to the
answer?  Better yet, the Wiki is searchable, unlike the mailing-list
archives.  Isn't that better?

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