[FFmpeg-user] Illegal instruction while executing ffmpeg on powerpc

Harninder Rai harninder.rai at freescale.com
Wed Dec 18 08:15:44 CET 2013

Hello Anshul,

Further on this, I tried changing the stack size for user-mode programs (set it to unlimited) even then the same issue occurs
Any further pointers?


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> Subject: RE: [FFmpeg-user] Illegal instruction while executing ffmpeg on
> powerpc
> > Hi Harry
> >
> > I think while executing, you don't have privilege to set the stack
> > limit, if you are already trying with root user, then please look
> > whether your linux support the changing the stack limit, I remember
> > some older version of Linux were not having this option
> >
> Hello Anshul,
> I am using kernel 3.8, that should support changing stack limit?
> Is there any kernel config option or something which I should turn on?
> Regards
> Harry++

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