[FFmpeg-user] different aspect ration in ONE file

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Dec 18 16:23:22 CET 2013

Simon Döbereiner - SmartCast <doebereiner <at> smartcast.de> writes:

> I have lots of *.ts files to convert to mp4. No Problem 
> so far, but it's a recording from a television channel
> with different aspect ratio. So for example the movie is 
> 4/3 while the adverts are 16/9.
> Here comes the problem: all ts files already have 
> squished the parts with 16/9 to 4/3 (the recording 
> doesn't care, it just records one full hour).
> Is there any possibility to fix the padding to have 
> 4/3 as 4/3 and 16/9 as 16/9 although it's in ONE file?

I can now reproduce the problem:
It works here for avi (at least with some players) 
in the sense as it changes aspect just like the 
original transport stream does but for mov the global 
aspect "wins" and the filter chain - afaict - does 
not allow to switch parameters frame-wise (which 
would be necessary for changing pad afaict).

I would like to wait for a comment from one of the 
filter experts but this will probably be an enhancement 
request. (without eta...)

Thank you for the report, Carl Eugen

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