[FFmpeg-user] Segfault in mpdecimate filter when using ssse3/mmx extensions

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Thu Dec 19 11:23:29 CET 2013

Ed Torbett <ed.torbett <at> simulation-systems.co.uk> writes:

> I’m trying to use the mpdecimate filter to chop out a series 
> of duplicated frames in some media, but ffmpeg segfaults on 
> the second frame passed through the filter.
> The segfault does not occur if I compile with --disable-mmx, 
> but still occurs with --disable-ssse3. Full console log and 
> GDB trace of the segfault below.
> The source media is available here: 
> http://edward.torbett.co.uk/combined.mp4.

I cannot reproduce your crash, valgrind does not report 
anything suspicious.
Could you confirm the md5sum of 
56f371bc6e11583275d76288dc0ad9c7 for your file?

>   configuration: --enable-debug=3 --disable-stripping 
> --prefix=/ldisk/ffmpeg/ffmpeg_build
> --extra-cflags='-I/ldisk/ffmpeg/ffmpeg_build/include -static'
> --extra-ldflags='-L/ldisk/ffmpeg/ffmpeg_build/lib -static'
> --bindir=/ldisk/ffmpeg/ffmpeg_build/bin 
> --extra-libs='-ldl -lfreetype -lpng16 -lz -lbz2 -lm -lxml2 -lSDL' 
> --enable-gpl --enable-nonfree --enable-libx264 
> --enable-libfreetype --disable-shared --enable-static

This is at least unusual, is the crash reproducible with:
$ ffmpeg -i combined.mp4 -vf mpdecimate -f null -
$ ffmpeg -i combined.mp4 -vf mpdecimate -vcodec mpeg4 out.avi
or does a shorter configure line help?
$ ./configure --enable-gpl --enable-libx264 && make

Carl Eugen

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