[FFmpeg-user] Segfault in mpdecimate filter when using ssse3/mmx extensions

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Thu Dec 19 13:18:14 CET 2013

Ed Torbett <ed.torbett <at> simulation-systems.co.uk> writes:

> > I suspect this is a compiler problem, can you easily
> > test another version?
> On other machines, a windows zeranoe build from 8th December 
> works without crash and the build I used originally (with the 
> 'unusual' configure) works when compiled and run on another 
> architecture (8-core Xeon server, which is the target 
> architecture).

This sounds as if you only tested 64bit on other systems, 
or do I misunderstand?
You can test --enable-memalign-hack which should not be 
necessary on any sane system iirc.

> I don't think I can get another version on my PC without 
> compiling it myself, which of course defeats the point of 
> seeing if it's my compiler or my machine.

If the crash happens always for the same frame, it is 
probably not hardware-depending.

> I'm running CentOS 5.7 32bit.

Tested now on 32bit, does not crash here.

Carl Eugen

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