[FFmpeg-user] How to join and cut AVI file without the quality?

Rodrigo Zanatta Silva rodrigozanattasilva at gmail.com
Mon Dec 23 04:34:13 CET 2013

This is my scenery: I have a small spy camera and use a DVR to save the
video. It create a file every 60 minutes.

Now I want to join this videos with the same quality from it original.

I am doing a experiment: I want to show the exactly quality from this
camera. I read a tutorial like
I am not sure if I did a good job. I open the result video and it look like
to have problem with index, because it is a little weird when I play the
video with a video player. It is difficult go to a time or just go fast 10
second ahead.The original video didn't have the same problem. (I join two
video of 800MB and it create the 1600MB file).

The things I want to do is:
- Join video files
- Maybe cut some part in the start or end of the film
- Delete the audio

I can't believe I am not making it work :( What command like did you

This is the spec of the video:

- Name:  video1.avi
- Container:  AVI - Audio Video Interleaved
- Size:  824,18 MB
- Duration:  1h 0mn
- Bitrate:  1 832 Kbps

*** Video Track Parameters ***
- Format:  MPEG-4 XviD video
- Size:  791,67 MB (96%)
- FourCC:  XVID
- Track number(s):  0
- Bitrate:  Max.: Undefined
    Average: 1 759 Kbps
    Min.: Undefined
- Frame rate (fps):  Max.: Undefined
    Average: 25.000
    Min.: Undefined
- Bitrate mode:  Undefined
- Encoding profile:  Advanced Simple at L5
- Resolution:  Undefined
- Width (Pixel number):  720
- Height (Pixel number):  576
- Pixel Aspect Ratio:  Undefined
- Display Aspect Ratio:  5:4
- Chroma subsampling format:  YUV 4:2:0
- Standard:  PAL
- Interlacing:  Progressive
- Encoding library:  Zoran

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