[FFmpeg-user] Full to studio levels

Rio Kierkels riokierkels at gmail.com
Mon Dec 23 23:18:33 CET 2013

Hey everyone,

I've been stuck with a level scaling problem. I'm trying to generate
broadcast compliant HD mxf files so they have to adhere to the BT.709 spec.
Meaning BT.709 primaries with a 2.4ish power function and "studio" luma
levels meaning black starts at 16 and white peaks at 235.

My sources are full scale BT.709 dpx files. And to force the output to
BT.709 primaries I have to add a colormatix filter from bt601 to bt709
strangely enough. It does work however.

The only thing I just cant seem to get working is the luma scaling. I've
tried the scale filter with the in_range and out_range options. And I've
tried the -color_range option on both the in and output files.
That does change the pix_fmt indication from yuv420p to yuv420p(tv) but it
doesn't change the picture.

I've built ffmpeg v 2.1.1 for this project.
I hope you guys can help and in time I can help out the project!


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