[FFmpeg-user] subtitles extraction

Nicholas Robbins nickrobbins at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 24 02:13:50 CET 2013

> On Monday, December 23, 2013 4:30 PM, Alessandro Magni <magni at inrim.it> wrote:

> > 
> I am struggling to extract the subtitles from an ISO image - I have 
> tried different ways following various guides, always failing -
> hope you can make sense of what I'm doing wrong:
> 1) ffmpeg -i mpfc.iso -vn -an -c copy a.srt

I do this with mplayer/mencoder: 

If you want to extract subtitle index N with language L from track ${TITLE} of the iso (use "lsdvd mpfc.iso -qst ${TITLE}" to see your options, the lsdvd list starts at one, you need to subtract one.) 

mplayer -dvd-device mpfc.iso dvd://${TITLE} -dumpfile dump.vob


mencoder -really-quiet dump.vob -nosound -ovc copy -o /dev/nul -vobsubout subs-${N} -sid ${N} -vobsuboutindex ${N} -vobsuboutid ${L}

This produces two files: subs-${N}.idx and subs-${N}.sub.


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