[FFmpeg-user] How to set FLAC --no-padding equivalent switch in FFMPEG?

Барт Гопник bart.gopnik at gmail.com
Sat Dec 28 13:25:27 CET 2013

This is how I use FLAC:
flac --best --no-padding input.wav

Is there equivalent to FLAC's --no-padding switch/parameter/option (
https://xiph.org/flac/documentation_tools_flac.html#negative_options) in

BTW, what is equivalent value of -compression_level switch in FFMPEG to
--best (
switch in FLAC?
(In FLAC --best currently synonymous with -8, or --compression-level-8, or
-l 12 -b 4096 -m -e -r 6)

What is maximum value of -compression_level switch for FLAC codec in FFMPEG?

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