[FFmpeg-user] [Ask] Distributing ffmpeg.exe with my freeware

Broto Suseno broto_suseno at msn.com
Fri Mar 1 10:38:26 CET 2013

> Broto Suseno <broto_suseno <at> msn.com> writes:
> > 1. Can I include only ffmpeg.exe [...] in my 
> > freeware distribution?
> If you choose to distribute ffmpeg.exe (no matter if 
> together with your application or as a standalone download), 
> you have to "accompany" the binary distribution with the 
> source code or give "equivalent access", ie you have to make 
> the exact sources that were used to build ffmpeg.exe 
> available together with the binary.
> Carl Eugen

Hi, Carl
Thank you for your reply. I got the package from FFmpeg Zeranoe containing binary and source. I don't compile. I use the ffmpeg.exe as is. That package is available to download from my website. In question (1) I am asking distributing file ffmpeg.exe only. Are you saying I should to include the whole package in my software distribution? I'm sorry, it's not clear.



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