[FFmpeg-user] XVID-Encoding with ffmpeg

llarevo at gmx.net llarevo at gmx.net
Fri Mar 1 18:08:02 CET 2013


thank you for your quick reply.

> > I would like to migrate from mencoder to ffmpeg, but I can't find
> > sufficient information how to "translate" the parameters for encoding
> > with xvid from the mencoder commandline to a sufficient ffmpeg
> > commandline.
> I don't think there is an "encopts" option in ffmpeg. You will need to
> translate all the xvid options to ffmpeg options.

OK, I thought so.

> > The xvidenc-configuration in mencoder is
> >
> > -xvidencopts
> > pass=1:profile=dxnhtpal:(no)greyscale:me_quality=6:max_bframes=1:noqpel:nogmc:(no)cartoon:quant_type=mpeg:trellis:(no)interlacing:chroma_me:chroma_opt:vhq=4
> For example, -pass 1 -bf 1 and so on.

OK, I found these already, but not all of them.

> >
> > The most important part for me is profile=dxhtnpal because this setting
> > ensures a maximum bitrate over 3 sec not over 8 MBit/s, and a avaerage
> > bitrate not higher than around 4,8 MBit/s (cf.
> > http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/HTML/de/menc-feat-xvid.html)
> Use the table on
> http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/HTML/de/menc-feat-xvid.html#menc-feat-xvid-encoding-profiles
> to help you translate it.

I know that site. My problem is, that I don't find some options from the
mplayer site in the ffmpeg man pages or ffmpeg-documentation. 

So my concrete question is: what is ffmpeg-syntax-equivalent for


Additional questions are:

Where should I look for the syntax of these parameters?

Exists a rule to deduce the commandline like e.g. "if you have a=b in
mencoder, then the ffmpeg-commandline is X=Y" or "look in the xvid
sourcefile bla.h, get the name of the xvid parameter there and write x=y
in the ffmpeg-commandline."?

the question in general behind this is: How to transport parameters to
an external encoding lib (like e.g. x264, although this part seems to be
way better documented.)

> You can set up a ffmpeg preset to avoid the mess to type in every
> params every time. http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html#Preset-files-1

Thanks for this useful hint!


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