[FFmpeg-user] Fw: Not able to generate libpostproc

sungod sleks sleks at qq.com
Sun Mar 3 11:38:12 CET 2013

Hi ,

Yes, I have used the git to clone the ffmpeg to local.

The whole output is so large ,thus I stick the first part of the output
here ,and I found the output from command ' ./configure -h '  has no '
--enable-postproc ' within it ,why ? Maybe the mac environment is
different ? 

./configure -h
Usage: configure [options]
Options: [defaults in brackets after descriptions]

Help options:
  --help                   print this message
  --list-decoders          show all available decoders
  --list-encoders          show all available encoders
  --list-hwaccels          show all available hardware accelerators
  --list-demuxers          show all available demuxers
  --list-muxers            show all available muxers
  --list-parsers           show all available parsers
  --list-protocols         show all available protocols
  --list-bsfs              show all available bitstream filters
  --list-indevs            show all available input devices
  --list-outdevs           show all available output devices
  --list-filters           show all available filters

Standard options:
  --logfile=FILE           log tests and output to FILE [config.log]
  --disable-logging        do not log configure debug information
  --fatal-warnings         fail if any configure warning is generated
  --prefix=PREFIX          install in PREFIX []
  --bindir=DIR             install binaries in DIR [PREFIX/bin]
  --datadir=DIR            install data files in DIR [PREFIX/share/ffmpeg]
  --libdir=DIR             install libs in DIR [PREFIX/lib]
  --shlibdir=DIR           install shared libs in DIR [PREFIX/lib]
  --incdir=DIR             install includes in DIR [PREFIX/include]
  --mandir=DIR             install man page in DIR [PREFIX/share/man]

Licensing options:
  --enable-gpl             allow use of GPL code, the resulting libs
                           and binaries will be under GPL [no]
  --enable-version3        upgrade (L)GPL to version 3 [no]
  --enable-nonfree         allow use of nonfree code, the resulting libs
                           and binaries will be unredistributable [no]

Configuration options:
  --disable-static         do not build static libraries [no]
  --enable-shared          build shared libraries [no]
  --enable-small           optimize for size instead of speed
  --disable-runtime-cpudetect disable detecting cpu capabilities at
runtime (smaller binary)
  --enable-gray            enable full grayscale support (slower color)
  --disable-swscale-alpha  disable alpha channel support in swscale
  --disable-all            disable building components, libraries and

Program options:
  --disable-programs       do not build command line programs
  --disable-ffmpeg         disable ffmpeg build
  --disable-ffplay         disable ffplay build
  --disable-ffprobe        disable ffprobe build
  --disable-ffserver       disable ffserver build

Documentation options:
  --disable-doc            do not build documentation
  --disable-htmlpages      do not build HTML documentation pages
  --disable-manpages       do not build man documentation pages
  --disable-podpages       do not build POD documentation pages
  --disable-txtpages       do not build text documentation pages

Component options:
  --disable-avdevice       disable libavdevice build
  --disable-avcodec        disable libavcodec build
  --disable-avformat       disable libavformat build
  --disable-avutil         disable libavutil build
  --disable-swresample     disable libswresample build
  --disable-swscale        disable libswscale build
  --disable-postproc       disable libpostproc build
  --disable-avfilter       disable libavfilter build
  --enable-avresample      enable libavresample build [no]
  --disable-pthreads       disable pthreads [auto]
  --disable-w32threads     disable Win32 threads [auto]
  --disable-os2threads     disable OS/2 threads [auto]
  --disable-network        disable network support [no]
  --disable-dct            disable DCT code
  --disable-dwt            disable DWT code
  --disable-lsp            disable LSP code
  --disable-lzo            disable LZO decoder code
  --disable-mdct           disable MDCT code
  --disable-rdft           disable RDFT code
  --disable-fft            disable FFT code

Hardware accelerators:
  --enable-dxva2           enable DXVA2 code
  --enable-vaapi           enable VAAPI code
  --enable-vda             enable VDA code
  --enable-vdpau           enable VDPAU code

Individual component options:
  --disable-everything     disable all components listed below
  --disable-encoder=NAME   disable encoder NAME
  --enable-encoder=NAME    enable encoder NAME
  --disable-encoders       disable all encoders
  --disable-decoder=NAME   disable decoder NAME
  --enable-decoder=NAME    enable decoder NAME
  --disable-decoders       disable all decoders
  --disable-hwaccel=NAME   disable hwaccel NAME
  --enable-hwaccel=NAME    enable hwaccel NAME
  --disable-hwaccels       disable all hwaccels
  --disable-muxer=NAME     disable muxer NAME
  --enable-muxer=NAME      enable muxer NAME
  --disable-muxers         disable all muxers
  --disable-demuxer=NAME   disable demuxer NAME
  --enable-demuxer=NAME    enable demuxer NAME
  --disable-demuxers       disable all demuxers
  --enable-parser=NAME     enable parser NAME
  --disable-parser=NAME    disable parser NAME
  --disable-parsers        disable all parsers
  --enable-bsf=NAME        enable bitstream filter NAME
  --disable-bsf=NAME       disable bitstream filter NAME
  --disable-bsfs           disable all bitstream filters
  --enable-protocol=NAME   enable protocol NAME
  --disable-protocol=NAME  disable protocol NAME
  --disable-protocols      disable all protocols
  --enable-indev=NAME      enable input device NAME
  --disable-indev=NAME     disable input device NAME
  --disable-indevs         disable input devices
  --enable-outdev=NAME     enable output device NAME
  --disable-outdev=NAME    disable output device NAME
  --disable-outdevs        disable output devices
  --disable-devices        disable all devices
  --enable-filter=NAME     enable filter NAME
  --disable-filter=NAME    disable filter NAME
  --disable-filters        disable all filters

External library support:
  --enable-avisynth        enable reading of AVISynth script files [no]
  --enable-bzlib           enable bzlib [autodetect]
  --enable-fontconfig      enable fontconfig
  --enable-frei0r          enable frei0r video filtering
  --enable-gnutls          enable gnutls [no]
  --enable-iconv           enable iconv [autodetect]
  --enable-libaacplus      enable AAC+ encoding via libaacplus [no]
  --enable-libass          enable libass subtitles rendering [no]
  --enable-libbluray       enable BluRay reading using libbluray [no]
  --enable-libcaca         enable textual display using libcaca
  --enable-libcelt         enable CELT decoding via libcelt [no]
  --enable-libcdio         enable audio CD grabbing with libcdio
  --enable-libdc1394       enable IIDC-1394 grabbing using libdc1394
                           and libraw1394 [no]
  --enable-libfaac         enable AAC encoding via libfaac [no]
  --enable-libfdk-aac      enable AAC encoding via libfdk-aac [no]
  --enable-libflite        enable flite (voice synthesis) support via
libflite [no]
  --enable-libfreetype     enable libfreetype [no]
  --enable-libgsm          enable GSM de/encoding via libgsm [no]
  --enable-libiec61883     enable iec61883 via libiec61883 [no]
  --enable-libilbc         enable iLBC de/encoding via libilbc [no]
  --enable-libmodplug      enable ModPlug via libmodplug [no]
  --enable-libmp3lame      enable MP3 encoding via libmp3lame [no]
  --enable-libnut          enable NUT (de)muxing via libnut,
                           native (de)muxer exists [no]
  --enable-libopencore-amrnb enable AMR-NB de/encoding via
libopencore-amrnb [no]
  --enable-libopencore-amrwb enable AMR-WB decoding via libopencore-amrwb
  --enable-libopencv       enable video filtering via libopencv [no]
  --enable-libopenjpeg     enable JPEG 2000 de/encoding via OpenJPEG [no]
  --enable-libopus         enable Opus decoding via libopus [no]
  --enable-libpulse        enable Pulseaudio input via libpulse [no]
  --enable-librtmp         enable RTMP[E] support via librtmp [no]
  --enable-libschroedinger enable Dirac de/encoding via libschroedinger
  --enable-libsoxr         enable Include libsoxr resampling [no]
  --enable-libspeex        enable Speex de/encoding via libspeex [no]
  --enable-libstagefright-h264  enable H.264 decoding via libstagefright
  --enable-libtheora       enable Theora encoding via libtheora [no]
  --enable-libtwolame      enable MP2 encoding via libtwolame [no]
  --enable-libutvideo      enable Ut Video encoding and decoding via
libutvideo [no]
  --enable-libv4l2         enable libv4l2/v4l-utils [no]
  --enable-libvo-aacenc    enable AAC encoding via libvo-aacenc [no]
  --enable-libvo-amrwbenc  enable AMR-WB encoding via libvo-amrwbenc [no]
  --enable-libvorbis       enable Vorbis en/decoding via libvorbis,
                           native implementation exists [no]
  --enable-libvpx          enable VP8 and VP9 de/encoding via libvpx [no]
  --enable-libx264         enable H.264 encoding via x264 [no]
  --enable-libxavs         enable AVS encoding via xavs [no]
  --enable-libxvid         enable Xvid encoding via xvidcore,
                           native MPEG-4/Xvid encoder exists [no]
  --enable-openal          enable OpenAL 1.1 capture support [no]
  --enable-openssl         enable openssl [no]
  --enable-x11grab         enable X11 grabbing [no]
  --enable-zlib            enable zlib [autodetect]

Advanced options (experts only):
  --cross-prefix=PREFIX    use PREFIX for compilation tools []
  --enable-cross-compile   assume a cross-compiler is used
  --sysroot=PATH           root of cross-build tree
  --sysinclude=PATH        location of cross-build system headers
  --target-os=OS           compiler targets OS []
  --target-exec=CMD        command to run executables on target
  --target-path=DIR        path to view of build directory on target
  --toolchain=NAME         set tool defaults according to NAME
  --nm=NM                  use nm tool NM [nm -g]
  --ar=AR                  use archive tool AR [ar]
  --as=AS                  use assembler AS []
  --yasmexe=EXE            use yasm-compatible assembler EXE [yasm]
  --cc=CC                  use C compiler CC [gcc]
  --cxx=CXX                use C compiler CXX [g++]
  --dep-cc=DEPCC           use dependency generator DEPCC [gcc]
  --ld=LD                  use linker LD []
  --host-cc=HOSTCC         use host C compiler HOSTCC
  --host-cflags=HCFLAGS    use HCFLAGS when compiling for host
  --host-cppflags=HCPPFLAGS use HCPPFLAGS when compiling for host
  --host-ld=HOSTLD         use host linker HOSTLD
  --host-ldflags=HLDFLAGS  use HLDFLAGS when linking for host
  --host-libs=HLIBS        use libs HLIBS when linking for host
  --host-os=OS             compiler host OS []
  --extra-cflags=ECFLAGS   add ECFLAGS to CFLAGS []
  --extra-cxxflags=ECFLAGS add ECFLAGS to CXXFLAGS []
  --extra-ldflags=ELDFLAGS add ELDFLAGS to LDFLAGS []
  --extra-libs=ELIBS       add ELIBS []
  --extra-version=STRING   version string suffix []
  --optflags=OPTFLAGS      override optimization-related compiler flags
  --build-suffix=SUFFIX    library name suffix []
  --malloc-prefix=PREFIX   prefix malloc and related names with PREFIX
  --progs-suffix=SUFFIX    program name suffix []
  --arch=ARCH              select architecture []
  --cpu=CPU                select the minimum required CPU (affects
                           instruction selection, may crash on older CPUs)
  --enable-pic             build position-independent code
  --enable-sram            allow use of on-chip SRAM
  --enable-thumb           compile for Thumb instruction set
  --disable-symver         disable symbol versioning
  --enable-hardcoded-tables use hardcoded tables instead of runtime
                           disable buffer boundary checking in bitreaders
                           (faster, but may crash)
  --enable-memalign-hack   emulate memalign, interferes with memory
  --enable-lto             use link-time optimization

Optimization options (experts only):
  --disable-asm            disable all assembler optimizations
  --disable-altivec        disable AltiVec optimizations
  --disable-amd3dnow       disable 3DNow! optimizations
  --disable-amd3dnowext    disable 3DNow! extended optimizations
  --disable-mmx            disable MMX optimizations
  --disable-mmxext         disable MMXEXT optimizations
  --disable-sse            disable SSE optimizations
  --disable-sse2           disable SSE2 optimizations
  --disable-sse3           disable SSE3 optimizations
  --disable-ssse3          disable SSSE3 optimizations
  --disable-sse4           disable SSE4 optimizations
  --disable-sse42          disable SSE4.2 optimizations
  --disable-avx            disable AVX optimizations
  --disable-fma4           disable FMA4 optimizations
  --disable-armv5te        disable armv5te optimizations
  --disable-armv6          disable armv6 optimizations
  --disable-armv6t2        disable armv6t2 optimizations
  --disable-vfp            disable VFP optimizations
  --disable-neon           disable NEON optimizations
  --disable-vis            disable VIS optimizations
  --disable-inline-asm     disable use of inline assembler
  --disable-yasm           disable use of yasm assembler
  --disable-mips32r2       disable MIPS32R2 optimizations
  --disable-mipsdspr1      disable MIPS DSP ASE R1 optimizations
  --disable-mipsdspr2      disable MIPS DSP ASE R2 optimizations
  --disable-mipsfpu        disable floating point MIPS optimizations
  --disable-fast-unaligned consider unaligned accesses slow

Developer options (useful when working on FFmpeg itself):
  --enable-coverage        build with test coverage instrumentation
  --disable-debug          disable debugging symbols
  --enable-debug=LEVEL     set the debug level []
  --disable-optimizations  disable compiler optimizations
  --enable-extra-warnings  enable more compiler warnings
  --disable-stripping      disable stripping of executables and shared
  --assert-level=level     0(default), 1 or 2, amount of assertion testing,
                           2 causes a slowdown at runtime.
  --enable-memory-poisoning fill heap uninitialized allocated space with
arbitrary data
  --valgrind=VALGRIND      run "make fate" tests through valgrind to
detect memory
                           leaks and errors, using the specified valgrind
                           Cannot be combined with --target-exec
  --enable-ftrapv          Trap arithmetic overflows
  --samples=PATH           location of test samples for FATE, if not set
                           $FATE_SAMPLES at make invocation time.
  --enable-xmm-clobber-test check XMM registers for clobbering (Win64-only;
                           should be used only for debugging purposes)
  --enable-random          randomly enable/disable components
  --enable-random=LIST     randomly enable/disable specific components or
  --disable-random=LIST    component groups. LIST is a comma-separated list
                           of NAME[:PROB] entries where NAME is a component
                           (group) and PROB the probability associated with
                           NAME (default 0.5).
  --random-seed=VALUE      seed value for --enable/disable-random

NOTE: Object files are built at the place where configure is launched.



Pulling r22403...
Configure options: --enable-gpl --enable-postproc --enable-swscale
--enable-avfilter --disable-asm --enable-cross-compile
install prefix            dist--enable-gpl
source path               .
C compiler         
ARCH                      c (i386)
big-endian                no
runtime cpu detection     yes
debug symbols             yes
strip symbols             yes
optimize for size         no
optimizations             yes
static                    yes
shared                    no
postprocessing support    no
new filter support        yes
network support           yes
threading support         pthreads
safe bitstream reader     yes
SDL support               no
texi2html enabled         no
perl enabled              yes
pod2man enabled           yes
makeinfo enabled          yes

External libraries:
bzlib			iconv			zlib

Enabled decoders:
aac			c93			indeo3
aac_latm		cavs			indeo4
aasc			cdgraphics		indeo5
ac3			cdxl			interplay_dpcm
adpcm_4xm		cinepak			interplay_video
adpcm_adx		cljr			jacosub
adpcm_afc		cllc			jpeg2000
adpcm_ct		comfortnoise		jpegls
adpcm_ea		cook			jv
adpcm_ea_maxis_xa	cpia			kgv1
adpcm_ea_r1		cscd			kmvc
adpcm_ea_r2		cyuv			lagarith
adpcm_ea_r3		dca			loco
adpcm_ea_xas		dfa			mace3
adpcm_g722		dirac			mace6
adpcm_g726		dnxhd			mdec
adpcm_ima_amv		dpx			microdvd
adpcm_ima_apc		dsicinaudio		mimic
adpcm_ima_dk3		dsicinvideo		mjpeg
adpcm_ima_dk4		dvbsub			mjpegb
adpcm_ima_ea_eacs	dvdsub			mlp
adpcm_ima_ea_sead	dvvideo			mmvideo
adpcm_ima_iss		dxa			motionpixels
adpcm_ima_oki		dxtory			movtext
adpcm_ima_qt		eac3			mp1
adpcm_ima_smjpeg	eacmv			mp1float
adpcm_ima_wav		eamad			mp2
adpcm_ima_ws		eatgq			mp2float
adpcm_ms		eatgv			mp3
adpcm_sbpro_2		eatqi			mp3adu
adpcm_sbpro_3		eightbps		mp3adufloat
adpcm_sbpro_4		eightsvx_exp		mp3float
adpcm_swf		eightsvx_fib		mp3on4
adpcm_thp		escape124		mp3on4float
adpcm_xa		escape130		mpc7
adpcm_yamaha		evrc			mpc8
alac			exr			mpeg1video
als			ffv1			mpeg2video
amrnb			ffvhuff			mpeg4
amrwb			ffwavesynth		mpegvideo
amv			flac			mpl2
anm			flashsv			msa1
ansi			flashsv2		msmpeg4v1
ape			flic			msmpeg4v2
ass			flv			msmpeg4v3
asv1			fourxm			msrle
asv2			fraps			mss1
atrac1			frwu			mss2
atrac3			g723_1			msvideo1
aura			g729			mszh
aura2			gif			mts2
avrn			gsm			mvc1
avrp			gsm_ms			mvc2
avs			h261			mxpeg
avui			h263			nellymoser
ayuv			h263i			nuv
bethsoftvid		h263p			paf_audio
bfi			h264			paf_video
bink			huffyuv			pam
binkaudio_dct		iac			pbm
binkaudio_rdft		idcin			pcm_alaw
bintext			idf			pcm_bluray
bmp			iff_byterun1		pcm_dvd
bmv_audio		iff_ilbm		pcm_f32be
bmv_video		imc			pcm_f32le
brender_pix		indeo2			pcm_f64be
pcm_f64le		rpza			v410
pcm_lxf			rv10			vb
pcm_mulaw		rv20			vble
pcm_s16be		rv30			vc1
pcm_s16be_planar	rv40			vc1image
pcm_s16le		s302m			vcr1
pcm_s16le_planar	sami			vima
pcm_s24be		sanm			vmdaudio
pcm_s24daud		sgi			vmdvideo
pcm_s24le		sgirle			vmnc
pcm_s24le_planar	shorten			vorbis
pcm_s32be		sipr			vp3
pcm_s32le		smackaud		vp5
pcm_s32le_planar	smacker			vp6
pcm_s8			smc			vp6a
pcm_s8_planar		snow			vp6f
pcm_u16be		sol_dpcm		vp8
pcm_u16le		sonic			vplayer
pcm_u24be		sp5x			vqa
pcm_u24le		srt			wavpack
pcm_u32be		subrip			webvtt
pcm_u32le		subviewer		wmalossless
pcm_u8			subviewer1		wmapro
pcm_zork		sunrast			wmav1
pcx			svq1			wmav2
pgm			svq3			wmavoice
pgmyuv			tak			wmv1
pgssub			targa			wmv2
pictor			targa_y216		wmv3
pjs			text			wmv3image
png			theora			wnv1
ppm			thp			ws_snd1
prores			tiertexseqvideo		xan_dpcm
prores_lgpl		tiff			xan_wc3
ptx			tmv			xan_wc4
qcelp			truehd			xbin
qdm2			truemotion1		xbm
qdraw			truemotion2		xface
qpeg			truespeech		xl
qtrle			tscc			xsub
r10k			tscc2			xwd
r210			tta			y41p
ra_144			twinvq			yop
ra_288			txd			yuv4
ralf			ulti			zero12v
rawvideo		utvideo			zerocodec
realtext		v210			zlib
rl2			v210x			zmbv
roq			v308
roq_dpcm		v408

Enabled encoders:
a64multi		jpeg2000		pgmyuv
a64multi5		jpegls			png
aac			ljpeg			ppm
ac3			mjpeg			prores
ac3_fixed		movtext			prores_anatoliy
adpcm_adx		mp2			prores_kostya
adpcm_g722		mpeg1video		qtrle
adpcm_g726		mpeg2video		r10k
adpcm_ima_qt		mpeg4			r210
adpcm_ima_wav		msmpeg4v2		ra_144
adpcm_ms		msmpeg4v3		rawvideo
adpcm_swf		msvideo1		roq
adpcm_yamaha		nellymoser		roq_dpcm
alac			pam			rv10
amv			pbm			rv20
ass			pcm_alaw		sgi
asv1			pcm_f32be		snow
asv2			pcm_f32le		sonic
avrp			pcm_f64be		sonic_ls
avui			pcm_f64le		srt
ayuv			pcm_mulaw		subrip
bmp			pcm_s16be		sunrast
cljr			pcm_s16be_planar	svq1
comfortnoise		pcm_s16le		targa
dca			pcm_s16le_planar	tiff
dnxhd			pcm_s24be		utvideo
dpx			pcm_s24daud		v210
dvbsub			pcm_s24le		v308
dvdsub			pcm_s24le_planar	v408
dvvideo			pcm_s32be		v410
eac3			pcm_s32le		vorbis
ffv1			pcm_s32le_planar	wmav1
ffvhuff			pcm_s8			wmav2
flac			pcm_s8_planar		wmv1
flashsv			pcm_u16be		wmv2
flashsv2		pcm_u16le		xbm
flv			pcm_u24be		xface
g723_1			pcm_u24le		xsub
gif			pcm_u32be		xwd
h261			pcm_u32le		y41p
h263			pcm_u8			yuv4
h263p			pcx			zlib
huffyuv			pgm			zmbv

Enabled hwaccels:

Enabled parsers:
aac			dvdsub			png
aac_latm		flac			pnm
ac3			gsm			rv30
adx			h261			rv40
bmp			h263			tak
cavsvideo		h264			vc1
cook			mjpeg			vorbis
dca			mlp			vp3
dirac			mpeg4video		vp8
dnxhd			mpegaudio
dvbsub			mpegvideo

Enabled demuxers:
aac			idf			pcm_u24le
ac3			iff			pcm_u32be
act			ilbc			pcm_u32le
adf			image2			pcm_u8
adx			image2pipe		pjs
aea			ingenient		pmp
afc			ipmovie			pva
aiff			ircam			pvf
amr			iss			qcp
anm			iv8			r3d
apc			ivf			rawvideo
ape			jacosub			realtext
aqtitle			jv			rl2
asf			latm			rm
ass			lmlm4			roq
ast			loas			rpl
au			lvf			rso
avi			lxf			rtp
avr			m4v			rtsp
avs			matroska		sami
bethsoftvid		mgsts			sap
bfi			microdvd		sbg
bink			mjpeg			sdp
bintext			mlp			segafilm
bit			mm			shorten
bmv			mmf			siff
brstm			mov			smacker
c93			mp3			smjpeg
caf			mpc			smush
cavsvideo		mpc8			sol
cdg			mpegps			sox
cdxl			mpegts			spdif
concat			mpegtsraw		srt
daud			mpegvideo		str
dfa			mpl2			subviewer
dirac			mpsub			subviewer1
dnxhd			msnwc_tcp		swf
dsicin			mtv			tak
dts			mv			tedcaptions
dtshd			mvi			thp
dv			mxf			tiertexseq
dxa			mxg			tmv
ea			nc			truehd
ea_cdata		nistsphere		tta
eac3			nsv			tty
epaf			nut			txd
ffm			nuv			vc1
ffmetadata		ogg			vc1t
filmstrip		oma			vivo
flac			paf			vmd
flic			pcm_alaw		vobsub
flv			pcm_f32be		voc
fourxm			pcm_f32le		vplayer
frm			pcm_f64be		vqf
g722			pcm_f64le		w64
g723_1			pcm_mulaw		wav
g729			pcm_s16be		wc3
gif			pcm_s16le		webvtt
gsm			pcm_s24be		wsaud
gxf			pcm_s24le		wsvqa
h261			pcm_s32be		wtv
h263			pcm_s32le		wv
h264			pcm_s8			xa
hls			pcm_u16be		xbin
ico			pcm_u16le		xmv
idcin			pcm_u24be		xwma
yop			yuv4mpegpipe

Enabled muxers:
a64			image2pipe		pcm_s16le
ac3			ipod			pcm_s24be
adts			ircam			pcm_s24le
adx			ismv			pcm_s32be
aiff			ivf			pcm_s32le
amr			jacosub			pcm_s8
asf			latm			pcm_u16be
asf_stream		m4v			pcm_u16le
ass			matroska		pcm_u24be
ast			matroska_audio		pcm_u24le
au			md5			pcm_u32be
avi			microdvd		pcm_u32le
avm2			mjpeg			pcm_u8
bit			mkvtimestamp_v2		psp
caf			mlp			rawvideo
cavsvideo		mmf			rm
crc			mov			roq
daud			mp2			rso
dirac			mp3			rtp
dnxhd			mp4			rtsp
dts			mpeg1system		sap
dv			mpeg1vcd		segment
eac3			mpeg1video		smjpeg
f4v			mpeg2dvd		smoothstreaming
ffm			mpeg2svcd		sox
ffmetadata		mpeg2video		spdif
filmstrip		mpeg2vob		srt
flac			mpegts			stream_segment
flv			mpjpeg			swf
framecrc		mxf			tee
framemd5		mxf_d10			tg2
g722			null			tgp
g723_1			nut			truehd
gif			ogg			vc1t
gxf			oma			voc
h261			pcm_alaw		w64
h263			pcm_f32be		wav
h264			pcm_f32le		webm
hls			pcm_f64be		wtv
ico			pcm_f64le		wv
ilbc			pcm_mulaw		yuv4mpegpipe
image2			pcm_s16be

Enabled protocols:
applehttp		gopher			pipe
cache			hls			rtmp
concat			http			rtmpt
crypto			httpproxy		rtp
data			md5			srtp
ffrtmphttp		mmsh			tcp
file			mmst			udp

Enabled filters:
aconvert		channelsplit		nullsink
aevalsrc		color			nullsrc
afade			concat			overlay
aformat			copy			pad
allpass			crop			pan
alphaextract		deshake			pixdesctest
alphamerge		drawbox			removelogo
amerge			earwax			rgbtestsrc
amix			edgedetect		scale
amovie			equalizer		select
anull			fade			sendcmd
anullsink		field			setdar
anullsrc		fieldorder		setfield
apad			format			setpts
aresample		fps			setsar
aselect			framestep		settb
asendcmd		gradfun			showinfo
asetnsamples		hflip			showspectrum
asetpts			highpass		showwaves
asettb			histogram		silencedetect
ashowinfo		idet			smptebars
asplit			il			split
astreamsync		join			swapuv
atempo			life			testsrc
bandpass		lowpass			thumbnail
bandreject		lut			tile
bass			lutrgb			transpose
bbox			lutyuv			treble
biquad			mandelbrot		unsharp
blackdetect		movie			vflip
blend			negate			volume
cellauto		noformat		volumedetect
channelmap		null

Enabled bsfs:
aac_adtstoasc		mjpeg2jpeg		noise
chomp			mjpega_dump_header	remove_extradata
dump_extradata		mov2textsub		text2movsub
h264_mp4toannexb	mp3_header_compress
imx_dump_header		mp3_header_decompress

Enabled indevs:

Enabled outdevs:

License: LGPL version 2.1 or later
Creating config.mak and config.h...
CC	libavdevice/alldevices.o
CC	libavdevice/avdevice.o
CC	libavdevice/lavfi.o
AR	libavdevice/libavdevice.a
CC	libavfilter/af_aconvert.o
CC	libavfilter/af_afade.o
CC	libavfilter/af_aformat.o
CC	libavfilter/af_amerge.o
CC	libavfilter/af_amix.o
CC	libavfilter/af_anull.o
CC	libavfilter/af_apad.o
CC	libavfilter/af_aresample.o
CC	libavfilter/af_asetnsamples.o
CC	libavfilter/af_ashowinfo.o
CC	libavfilter/af_astreamsync.o
CC	libavfilter/af_atempo.o
CC	libavfilter/af_biquads.o
CC	libavfilter/af_channelmap.o
CC	libavfilter/af_channelsplit.o
CC	libavfilter/af_earwax.o
CC	libavfilter/af_join.o
CC	libavfilter/af_pan.o
CC	libavfilter/af_silencedetect.o
CC	libavfilter/af_volume.o
CC	libavfilter/af_volumedetect.o
CC	libavfilter/allfilters.o
CC	libavfilter/asink_anullsink.o
CC	libavfilter/asrc_aevalsrc.o
CC	libavfilter/asrc_anullsrc.o
CC	libavfilter/audio.o
CC	libavfilter/avcodec.o
CC	libavfilter/avf_concat.o
CC	libavfilter/avf_showspectrum.o
CC	libavfilter/avf_showwaves.o
CC	libavfilter/avfilter.o
CC	libavfilter/avfiltergraph.o
CC	libavfilter/bbox.o
CC	libavfilter/buffer.o
CC	libavfilter/buffersink.o
CC	libavfilter/buffersrc.o
CC	libavfilter/drawutils.o
CC	libavfilter/f_select.o
libavfilter/f_select.c: In function ‘config_input’:
libavfilter/f_select.c:215: warning: ‘dsputil_init’ is deprecated
(declared at ./libavcodec/dsputil.h:391)
CC	libavfilter/f_sendcmd.o
CC	libavfilter/f_setpts.o
CC	libavfilter/f_settb.o
CC	libavfilter/fifo.o
CC	libavfilter/formats.o
CC	libavfilter/graphdump.o
CC	libavfilter/graphparser.o
CC	libavfilter/lavfutils.o
CC	libavfilter/lswsutils.o
CC	libavfilter/sink_buffer.o
CC	libavfilter/split.o
CC	libavfilter/src_buffer.o
CC	libavfilter/src_movie.o
CC	libavfilter/transform.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_alphaextract.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_alphamerge.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_aspect.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_bbox.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_blackdetect.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_blend.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_copy.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_crop.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_deshake.o
libavfilter/vf_deshake.c: In function ‘config_props’:
libavfilter/vf_deshake.c:412: warning: ‘dsputil_init’ is deprecated
(declared at ./libavcodec/dsputil.h:391)
CC	libavfilter/vf_drawbox.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_edgedetect.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_fade.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_field.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_fieldorder.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_format.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_fps.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_framestep.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_gradfun.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_hflip.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_histogram.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_idet.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_il.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_lut.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_null.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_overlay.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_pad.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_pixdesctest.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_removelogo.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_scale.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_setfield.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_showinfo.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_swapuv.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_thumbnail.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_tile.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_transpose.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_unsharp.o
CC	libavfilter/vf_vflip.o
CC	libavfilter/video.o
CC	libavfilter/vsink_nullsink.o
CC	libavfilter/vsrc_cellauto.o
CC	libavfilter/vsrc_life.o
CC	libavfilter/vsrc_mandelbrot.o
CC	libavfilter/vsrc_testsrc.o
AR	libavfilter/libavfilter.a
CC	libavformat/4xm.o
CC	libavformat/a64.o
CC	libavformat/aacdec.o
CC	libavformat/ac3dec.o
CC	libavformat/act.o
CC	libavformat/adtsenc.o
CC	libavformat/adxdec.o
CC	libavformat/aea.o
CC	libavformat/afc.o
CC	libavformat/aiffdec.o
CC	libavformat/aiffenc.o
CC	libavformat/allformats.o
CC	libavformat/amr.o
CC	libavformat/anm.o
CC	libavformat/apc.o
CC	libavformat/ape.o
CC	libavformat/apetag.o
CC	libavformat/apetagenc.o
CC	libavformat/aqtitledec.o
CC	libavformat/asf.o
CC	libavformat/asfcrypt.o
CC	libavformat/asfdec.o
CC	libavformat/asfenc.o
CC	libavformat/assdec.o
CC	libavformat/assenc.o
CC	libavformat/ast.o
CC	libavformat/astdec.o
CC	libavformat/astenc.o
CC	libavformat/au.o
CC	libavformat/audiointerleave.o
CC	libavformat/avc.o
CC	libavformat/avidec.o
CC	libavformat/avienc.o
CC	libavformat/avio.o
CC	libavformat/aviobuf.o
CC	libavformat/avlanguage.o
CC	libavformat/avr.o
CC	libavformat/avs.o
CC	libavformat/bethsoftvid.o
CC	libavformat/bfi.o
CC	libavformat/bink.o
CC	libavformat/bintext.o
CC	libavformat/bit.o
CC	libavformat/bmv.o
CC	libavformat/brstm.o
CC	libavformat/c93.o
CC	libavformat/cache.o
CC	libavformat/caf.o
CC	libavformat/cafdec.o
CC	libavformat/cafenc.o
CC	libavformat/cavsvideodec.o
CC	libavformat/cdg.o
CC	libavformat/cdxl.o
CC	libavformat/concat.o
CC	libavformat/concatdec.o
CC	libavformat/crcenc.o
CC	libavformat/crypto.o
CC	libavformat/cutils.o
CC	libavformat/data_uri.o
CC	libavformat/daud.o
CC	libavformat/dfa.o
CC	libavformat/diracdec.o
CC	libavformat/dnxhddec.o
CC	libavformat/dsicin.o
CC	libavformat/dtsdec.o
CC	libavformat/dtshddec.o
CC	libavformat/dv.o
CC	libavformat/dvenc.o
CC	libavformat/dxa.o
CC	libavformat/eacdata.o
CC	libavformat/electronicarts.o
CC	libavformat/epafdec.o
CC	libavformat/ffmdec.o
CC	libavformat/ffmenc.o
CC	libavformat/ffmetadec.o
CC	libavformat/ffmetaenc.o
CC	libavformat/file.o
CC	libavformat/filmstripdec.o
CC	libavformat/filmstripenc.o
CC	libavformat/flacdec.o
CC	libavformat/flacenc.o
CC	libavformat/flacenc_header.o
CC	libavformat/flic.o
CC	libavformat/flvdec.o
libavformat/flvdec.c:581: warning: ‘flv_data_packet’ defined but not used
CC	libavformat/flvenc.o
CC	libavformat/framecrcenc.o
CC	libavformat/framehash.o
CC	libavformat/frmdec.o
CC	libavformat/g722.o
CC	libavformat/g723_1.o
CC	libavformat/g729dec.o
CC	libavformat/gif.o
CC	libavformat/gifdec.o
CC	libavformat/gopher.o
CC	libavformat/gsmdec.o
CC	libavformat/gxf.o
CC	libavformat/gxfenc.o
CC	libavformat/h261dec.o
CC	libavformat/h263dec.o
CC	libavformat/h264dec.o
CC	libavformat/hls.o
CC	libavformat/hlsenc.o
CC	libavformat/hlsproto.o
CC	libavformat/http.o
CC	libavformat/httpauth.o
CC	libavformat/icodec.o
CC	libavformat/icoenc.o
CC	libavformat/id3v1.o
CC	libavformat/id3v2.o
CC	libavformat/id3v2enc.o
CC	libavformat/idcin.o
CC	libavformat/idroqdec.o
CC	libavformat/idroqenc.o
CC	libavformat/iff.o
CC	libavformat/ilbc.o
CC	libavformat/img2.o
CC	libavformat/img2dec.o
CC	libavformat/img2enc.o
CC	libavformat/ingenientdec.o
CC	libavformat/ipmovie.o
CC	libavformat/ircam.o
CC	libavformat/ircamdec.o
CC	libavformat/ircamenc.o
CC	libavformat/isom.o
CC	libavformat/iss.o
CC	libavformat/iv8.o
CC	libavformat/ivfdec.o
CC	libavformat/ivfenc.o
CC	libavformat/jacosubdec.o
CC	libavformat/jacosubenc.o
CC	libavformat/jvdec.o
CC	libavformat/latmenc.o
CC	libavformat/lmlm4.o
CC	libavformat/loasdec.o
CC	libavformat/log2_tab.o
CC	libavformat/lvfdec.o
CC	libavformat/lxfdec.o
CC	libavformat/m4vdec.o
CC	libavformat/matroska.o
CC	libavformat/matroskadec.o
CC	libavformat/matroskaenc.o
CC	libavformat/md5enc.o
CC	libavformat/md5proto.o
CC	libavformat/metadata.o
CC	libavformat/mgsts.o
CC	libavformat/microdvddec.o
CC	libavformat/microdvdenc.o
CC	libavformat/mkvtimestamp_v2.o
CC	libavformat/mm.o
CC	libavformat/mmf.o
CC	libavformat/mms.o
CC	libavformat/mmsh.o
CC	libavformat/mmst.o
CC	libavformat/mov.o
CC	libavformat/mov_chan.o
CC	libavformat/movenc.o
CC	libavformat/movenchint.o
CC	libavformat/mp3dec.o
CC	libavformat/mp3enc.o
CC	libavformat/mpc.o
CC	libavformat/mpc8.o
CC	libavformat/mpeg.o
CC	libavformat/mpegenc.o
CC	libavformat/mpegts.o
CC	libavformat/mpegtsenc.o
CC	libavformat/mpegvideodec.o
CC	libavformat/mpjpeg.o
CC	libavformat/mpl2dec.o
CC	libavformat/mpsubdec.o
CC	libavformat/msnwc_tcp.o
CC	libavformat/mtv.o
CC	libavformat/mux.o
CC	libavformat/mvdec.o
CC	libavformat/mvi.o
CC	libavformat/mxf.o
CC	libavformat/mxfdec.o
CC	libavformat/mxfenc.o
CC	libavformat/mxg.o
CC	libavformat/ncdec.o
CC	libavformat/network.o
CC	libavformat/nistspheredec.o
CC	libavformat/nsvdec.o
CC	libavformat/nullenc.o
CC	libavformat/nut.o
CC	libavformat/nutdec.o
CC	libavformat/nutenc.o
CC	libavformat/nuv.o
CC	libavformat/oggdec.o
CC	libavformat/oggenc.o
CC	libavformat/oggparsecelt.o
CC	libavformat/oggparsedirac.o
CC	libavformat/oggparseflac.o
CC	libavformat/oggparseogm.o
CC	libavformat/oggparseopus.o
CC	libavformat/oggparseskeleton.o
CC	libavformat/oggparsespeex.o
CC	libavformat/oggparsetheora.o
CC	libavformat/oggparsevorbis.o
CC	libavformat/oma.o
CC	libavformat/omadec.o
CC	libavformat/omaenc.o
CC	libavformat/options.o
CC	libavformat/os_support.o
CC	libavformat/paf.o
CC	libavformat/pcm.o
CC	libavformat/pcmdec.o
CC	libavformat/pcmenc.o
CC	libavformat/pjsdec.o
CC	libavformat/pmpdec.o
CC	libavformat/psxstr.o
CC	libavformat/pva.o
CC	libavformat/pvfdec.o
CC	libavformat/qcp.o
CC	libavformat/r3d.o
CC	libavformat/rawdec.o
CC	libavformat/rawenc.o
CC	libavformat/rawvideodec.o
CC	libavformat/rdt.o
libavformat/rdt.c: In function ‘rdt_parse_packet’:
libavformat/rdt.c:304: warning: passing argument 2 of ‘ffio_init_context’ 
discards qualifiers from pointer target type
CC	libavformat/realtextdec.o
CC	libavformat/riff.o
CC	libavformat/rl2.o
CC	libavformat/rm.o
CC	libavformat/rmdec.o
CC	libavformat/rmenc.o
CC	libavformat/rmsipr.o
CC	libavformat/rpl.o
CC	libavformat/rso.o
CC	libavformat/rsodec.o
CC	libavformat/rsoenc.o
CC	libavformat/rtmphttp.o
CC	libavformat/rtmppkt.o
CC	libavformat/rtmpproto.o
libavformat/rtmpproto.c: In function ‘get_packet’:
libavformat/rtmpproto.c:2211: warning: assignment discards qualifiers from 
pointer target type
CC	libavformat/rtp.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_amr.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_asf.o
libavformat/rtpdec_asf.c: In function ‘asfrtp_parse_packet’:
libavformat/rtpdec_asf.c:189: warning: passing argument 2 of 
‘ffio_init_context’ discards qualifiers from pointer target type
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_g726.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_h263.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_h263_rfc2190.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_h264.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_ilbc.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_jpeg.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_latm.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_mpeg12.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_mpeg4.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_mpegts.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_qcelp.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_qdm2.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_qt.o
libavformat/rtpdec_qt.c: In function ‘qt_rtp_parse_packet’:
libavformat/rtpdec_qt.c:74: warning: passing argument 2 of 
‘ffio_init_context’ discards qualifiers from pointer target type
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_svq3.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_vp8.o
CC	libavformat/rtpdec_xiph.o
CC	libavformat/rtpenc.o
CC	libavformat/rtpenc_aac.o
CC	libavformat/rtpenc_amr.o
CC	libavformat/rtpenc_chain.o
CC	libavformat/rtpenc_h263.o
CC	libavformat/rtpenc_h263_rfc2190.o
CC	libavformat/rtpenc_h264.o
CC	libavformat/rtpenc_jpeg.o
CC	libavformat/rtpenc_latm.o
CC	libavformat/rtpenc_mpv.o
CC	libavformat/rtpenc_vp8.o
CC	libavformat/rtpenc_xiph.o
CC	libavformat/rtpproto.o
CC	libavformat/rtsp.o
CC	libavformat/rtspdec.o
CC	libavformat/rtspenc.o
CC	libavformat/samidec.o
CC	libavformat/sapdec.o
CC	libavformat/sapenc.o
CC	libavformat/sauce.o
CC	libavformat/sbgdec.o
CC	libavformat/sdp.o
CC	libavformat/seek.o
CC	libavformat/segafilm.o
CC	libavformat/segment.o
CC	libavformat/sierravmd.o
CC	libavformat/siff.o
CC	libavformat/smacker.o
CC	libavformat/smjpeg.o
CC	libavformat/smjpegdec.o
CC	libavformat/smjpegenc.o
CC	libavformat/smoothstreamingenc.o
CC	libavformat/smush.o
CC	libavformat/sol.o
CC	libavformat/soxdec.o
CC	libavformat/soxenc.o
CC	libavformat/spdif.o
CC	libavformat/spdifdec.o
CC	libavformat/spdifenc.o
CC	libavformat/srtdec.o
CC	libavformat/srtenc.o
CC	libavformat/srtp.o
CC	libavformat/srtpproto.o
CC	libavformat/subtitles.o
CC	libavformat/subviewer1dec.o
CC	libavformat/subviewerdec.o
CC	libavformat/swf.o
CC	libavformat/swfdec.o
CC	libavformat/swfenc.o
CC	libavformat/takdec.o
CC	libavformat/tcp.o
CC	libavformat/tedcaptionsdec.o
CC	libavformat/tee.o
CC	libavformat/thp.o
CC	libavformat/tiertexseq.o
CC	libavformat/tmv.o
CC	libavformat/tta.o
CC	libavformat/tty.o
CC	libavformat/txd.o
CC	libavformat/udp.o
CC	libavformat/urldecode.o
CC	libavformat/utils.o
libavformat/utils.c: In function ‘av_probe_input_format3’:
libavformat/utils.c:322: warning: assignment discards qualifiers from 
pointer target type
CC	libavformat/vc1test.o
CC	libavformat/vc1testenc.o
CC	libavformat/vivo.o
CC	libavformat/voc.o
CC	libavformat/vocdec.o
CC	libavformat/vocenc.o
CC	libavformat/vorbiscomment.o
CC	libavformat/vplayerdec.o
CC	libavformat/vqf.o
CC	libavformat/w64.o
CC	libavformat/wavdec.o
CC	libavformat/wavenc.o
CC	libavformat/wc3movie.o
CC	libavformat/webvttdec.o
CC	libavformat/westwood_aud.o
CC	libavformat/westwood_vqa.o
CC	libavformat/wtv.o
CC	libavformat/wtvdec.o
CC	libavformat/wtvenc.o
CC	libavformat/wv.o
CC	libavformat/wvenc.o
CC	libavformat/xa.o
CC	libavformat/xmv.o
CC	libavformat/xwma.o
CC	libavformat/yop.o
CC	libavformat/yuv4mpeg.o
AR	libavformat/libavformat.a
CC	libavcodec/012v.o
CC	libavcodec/4xm.o
CC	libavcodec/8bps.o
CC	libavcodec/8svx.o
CC	libavcodec/a64multienc.o
CC	libavcodec/aac_ac3_parser.o
CC	libavcodec/aac_adtstoasc_bsf.o
CC	libavcodec/aac_parser.o
CC	libavcodec/aacadtsdec.o
CC	libavcodec/aaccoder.o
CC	libavcodec/aacdec.o
CC	libavcodec/aacenc.o
CC	libavcodec/aacps.o
libavcodec/aacps.c: In function ‘hybrid_analysis’:
libavcodec/aacps.c:369: warning: passing argument 4 of ‘hybrid4_8_12_cx’ 
from incompatible pointer type
libavcodec/aacps.c:370: warning: passing argument 4 of ‘hybrid4_8_12_cx’ 
from incompatible pointer type
libavcodec/aacps.c:371: warning: passing argument 4 of ‘hybrid4_8_12_cx’ 
from incompatible pointer type
libavcodec/aacps.c:372: warning: passing argument 4 of ‘hybrid4_8_12_cx’ 
from incompatible pointer type
libavcodec/aacps.c:373: warning: passing argument 4 of ‘hybrid4_8_12_cx’ 
from incompatible pointer type
libavcodec/aacps.c:376: warning: passing argument 4 of ‘hybrid6_cx’ from 
incompatible pointer type
libavcodec/aacps.c: In function ‘stereo_processing’:
libavcodec/aacps.c:766: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer 
libavcodec/aacps.c: In function ‘ff_ps_apply’:
libavcodec/aacps.c:916: warning: passing argument 3 of ‘decorrelation’ 
from incompatible pointer type
CC	libavcodec/aacpsdsp.o
CC	libavcodec/aacpsy.o
CC	libavcodec/aacsbr.o
libavcodec/aacsbr.c: In function ‘ff_sbr_apply’:
libavcodec/aacsbr.c:1688: warning: passing argument 4 of 
‘sbr->c.sbr_lf_gen’ from incompatible pointer type
libavcodec/aacsbr.c:1691: warning: passing argument 4 of 
‘sbr->c.sbr_hf_inverse_filter’ from incompatible pointer type
libavcodec/aacsbr.c:1695: warning: passing argument 4 of ‘sbr_hf_gen’ from 
incompatible pointer type
libavcodec/aacsbr.c:1695: warning: passing argument 5 of ‘sbr_hf_gen’ from 
incompatible pointer type
libavcodec/aacsbr.c:1695: warning: passing argument 6 of ‘sbr_hf_gen’ from 
incompatible pointer type
libavcodec/aacsbr.c:1704: warning: passing argument 2 of 
‘sbr->c.sbr_hf_assemble’ from incompatible pointer type
libavcodec/aacsbr.c:1712: warning: passing argument 3 of 
‘sbr->c.sbr_x_gen’ from incompatible pointer type
libavcodec/aacsbr.c:1712: warning: passing argument 4 of 
‘sbr->c.sbr_x_gen’ from incompatible pointer type
libavcodec/aacsbr.c:1712: warning: passing argument 5 of 
‘sbr->c.sbr_x_gen’ from incompatible pointer type
CC	libavcodec/aactab.o
CC	libavcodec/aandcttab.o
CC	libavcodec/aasc.o
CC	libavcodec/ac3.o
CC	libavcodec/ac3_parser.o
CC	libavcodec/ac3dec.o
CC	libavcodec/ac3dec_data.o
CC	libavcodec/ac3dsp.o
CC	libavcodec/ac3enc.o
CC	libavcodec/ac3enc_fixed.o
CC	libavcodec/ac3enc_float.o
CC	libavcodec/ac3tab.o
CC	libavcodec/acelp_filters.o
CC	libavcodec/acelp_pitch_delay.o
CC	libavcodec/acelp_vectors.o
CC	libavcodec/adpcm.o
CC	libavcodec/adpcm_data.o
CC	libavcodec/adpcmenc.o
CC	libavcodec/adx.o
CC	libavcodec/adx_parser.o
CC	libavcodec/adxdec.o
CC	libavcodec/adxenc.o
CC	libavcodec/alac.o
CC	libavcodec/alac_data.o
CC	libavcodec/alacenc.o
CC	libavcodec/allcodecs.o
CC	libavcodec/alsdec.o
CC	libavcodec/amrnbdec.o
CC	libavcodec/amrwbdec.o
CC	libavcodec/anm.o
CC	libavcodec/ansi.o
CC	libavcodec/apedec.o
CC	libavcodec/ass.o
CC	libavcodec/ass_split.o
CC	libavcodec/assdec.o
CC	libavcodec/assenc.o
CC	libavcodec/asv.o
CC	libavcodec/asvdec.o
CC	libavcodec/asvenc.o
CC	libavcodec/atrac.o
CC	libavcodec/atrac1.o
CC	libavcodec/atrac3.o
CC	libavcodec/audio_frame_queue.o
CC	libavcodec/audioconvert.o
CC	libavcodec/aura.o
CC	libavcodec/avfft.o
CC	libavcodec/avpacket.o
CC	libavcodec/avpicture.o
CC	libavcodec/avrndec.o
CC	libavcodec/avs.o
CC	libavcodec/avuidec.o
CC	libavcodec/avuienc.o
CC	libavcodec/bethsoftvideo.o
CC	libavcodec/bfi.o
CC	libavcodec/bgmc.o
CC	libavcodec/bink.o
CC	libavcodec/binkaudio.o
CC	libavcodec/binkdsp.o
CC	libavcodec/bintext.o
CC	libavcodec/bitstream.o
CC	libavcodec/bitstream_filter.o
CC	libavcodec/bmp.o
CC	libavcodec/bmp_parser.o
CC	libavcodec/bmpenc.o
CC	libavcodec/bmv.o
CC	libavcodec/brender_pix.o
CC	libavcodec/c93.o
CC	libavcodec/cabac.o
CC	libavcodec/cavs.o
CC	libavcodec/cavs_parser.o
CC	libavcodec/cavsdata.o
CC	libavcodec/cavsdec.o
CC	libavcodec/cavsdsp.o
CC	libavcodec/cdgraphics.o
CC	libavcodec/cdxl.o
CC	libavcodec/celp_filters.o
CC	libavcodec/celp_math.o
CC	libavcodec/cga_data.o
CC	libavcodec/chomp_bsf.o
CC	libavcodec/cinepak.o
CC	libavcodec/cljr.o

Best regards 最诚挚的问侯
Polo Zhang

在 13-3-3 下午1:20, "Timothy Gu" <timothygu99 at gmail.com> 写入:

>On Mar 2, 2013 9:13 PM, "Polo.Zhang" <suncityofchina at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have read the article from
>> http://ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-user/2012-February/005149.html ,and 
>> the same things as you guide,but still not found the libpostproc.a
>> generated.
>> My build script show as follow,please help me.
>> #!/bin/sh
>> trap exit ERR
>> FFMPEG_DIR=ffmpeg-armv7
>> SCRIPT_DIR=$( (cd -P $(dirname $0) && pwd) )
>> echo "Pulling r22403..."
>> #svn co -r22403 svn://svn.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg/trunk $FFMPEG_DIR
>Please always use git.
>git clone git://source.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.git ffmpeg
>> mkdir -p dist
>> # Default configure options
>> CONFIGURE_OPTIONS="--enable-gpl --enable-postproc --enable-swscale
>> --enable-avfilter --disable-asm --enable-cross-compile"
>> #
>> ./configure
>> Developer/usr/bin/gcc
>> --as="$SCRIPT_DIR/
>> per/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/usr/bin/gcc"
>> eOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS6.1.sdk/usr/lib/system
>> form/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS6.1.sdk --extra-cflags="-mdynamic-no-pic"
>> --prefix="dist"$CONFIGURE_OPTIONS --target-os=darwin --arch=armv7
>> --cpu=armv7 --extra-cflags='-arch armv7' --extra-ldflags='-arch armv7'
>> make && make install
>> echo "Installed: $FFMPEG_DIR/dist"
>Please put all the command outputs here.
>> Best Regards
>> Polo Zhang
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>> ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org
>> http://ffmpeg.org/mailman/listinfo/ffmpeg-user
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