[FFmpeg-user] Installation issue

Liam Condron-Farnos 23liam at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 5 21:45:07 CET 2013

>I've try a lot of different way to install ffmpeg, but without good results.
>Please share the correct way, I want to re-try with a new and clear OS.
>My system works in a VBox, ubuntu 10.04, but i've also try with kubuntu
>12.10, with the same results.

Have you checked out https://ffmpeg.org/download.html ??

Since you're using Ubuntu, you could use the Jon Severinsson PPA. Or
you could use one of the linux static builds listed on the downloads
page. Or you could compile it from source, following these


The PPA is nice and simple, and integrates into your package manager,
but IIRC it uses the latest 'release' version, while this mailing list
recommends current git head. Also, that version won't have access to
libfdk_aac, which is the best AAC encoder available for ffmpeg, but
cannot be distributed in packages due to licensing stuff (so you'll
need to compile to get it).

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