[FFmpeg-user] problem with make while attempting to build git clone of ffmpeg on OS X 10.6.8

Paul Sturbaum psturbs at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 00:30:13 CET 2013

Sorry for the blank reply.....

On Mar 5, 2013, at 5:04 PM, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:

> Paul Sturbaum <psturbs <at> gmail.com> writes:
>>> Could you confirm that with current git head, 
>>> the following works fine:
>>> $ ./configure && make
>> NO.  
> Please update to current git head.

And sorry I didn't do that.
> You will also have to update to test my patch.
> To repeat:
> Above command line should work with current git head, 
> "./configure --enable-iconv && make ffmpeg" fails at 
> linking stage (I suspect), my patch should guarantee 
> that it already fails at configure (which would be 
> expected behaviour).
You are correct on both counts.
OK.  So I'm sure there is a more elegant way to do what I did but I did the following:

$ sudo rm -r ffmpeg
$ git clone git://source.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.git ffmpeg
<copied patch to a file named 'iconv.diff', cp'd it to ffmpeg, cd'd to ffmpeg>
 $ patch -p1 <iconv.diff
patching file configure
Hunk #1 succeeded at 3888 (offset 14 lines).
patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line
Hunk #2 succeeded at 4052 with fuzz 1 (offset 14 lines).
$ ./configure --enable-iconv && make ffmpeg
ERROR: iconv not found

If you think configure made a mistake.......
$ ./configure && make

The final command completed with seemingly the usual stdout I have seen testing on this issue before but no errors.

> Sorry to bother you, no developer seems to have OSX 
> (or nobody wants to test), my OSX box is ~10 years 
> old and does not have the problem (possibly because 
> I deleted the second libiconv some time ago).

It is not a bother to me it is fun and educational.  As I said, I will gladly run the commands you ask and I'd even be happy to help in any issues you have with OS X beyond this one.  If you are interested I have 10.6.8, 10.7.5 and 10.8.2 boot systems so let me know.

> If anybody else wants to help, please feel free!
> Thank you, Carl Eugen
> Here is a non-mangled version of my patch:
> http://ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-devel/2013-March/139944.html
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