[FFmpeg-user] XVID-Encoding with ffmpeg

llarevo at gmx.net llarevo at gmx.net
Wed Mar 6 17:24:53 CET 2013

> > > If ffmpeg's MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 syntax is similar or the same, some work
> > > I did a while ago translating my mencoder MPEG-2 command line to
> > > ffmpeg might be of use. Let me know if you want to have a look at it.
> > 
> > Any help is very appreciated. So if it is not to much effort, I would be
> > interested in your command line. I'm new to ffmpeg, and I have also mpeg2-
> > tasks to migrate from mencoder to ffmpeg.
> Below the Windows batch file I use. What you should look out for:
> * "REM MEncoder reference command line" - the mencoder command line I was
> using at the time, i.e. the starting point of the translation
> * "REM Reference command line" - the ffmpeg command line with options
> translated as best I could
> * The (uncommented) actual command line contains a couple of preference
> changes since which probably won't interest you
> * "rem Undocumented" - this section lists options I could not definitively
> translate from documentation or command line help and enquired about on the
> forum
> You'll notice I haven't yet made the time to try replace some of the options
> with presets ;-).

Anyway the work you've already done is extremely helpful for me. I can
not only compare your translations with other documentation, but also
see functions previously unknown to me "at work".

Thank you very much

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