[FFmpeg-user] ffv1.3 memory overflow

Johann Rekowski johann.rekowski at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 11 21:39:58 CET 2013

So I had a lenghty test session for ffv1.3 and utvideo today, mostly 
focusing on ffv1.3. ffv1.3 works on the release/1.2 branch without the 
memory overflow, but it seems to cause a lot of:
*ALSA buffer xrun.*
ffplay reports tons of the following ALSA errors because of that:
*ALSA lib pcm.c:7339:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred  0B f=0/0
*I have been changing my period_size and buffer_size in .asoundrc up and 
down so many times, it easily took me around 2 hours to finally get the 
source of the problem. utvideo doesn't cause ALSA buffer xrun with 
proper buffer_size and period_size settings, ffv1.3 does though, and the 
more slices I add to it, the more extreme it gets. I also have been 
testin huffyuv because of that, just to make sure it's just ffv1.3 
causing this problem, and it seems it is.

Since ffv1.3 currently causes a memory overflow in the master branch, 
testing newer changes is impossible right now (at least for me). So 
this'll have to wait.
I could do a backtrace, if someone is interested. /(I somehow found my 
love in testing the latest ffmpeg stuff since I started writing to the 
mailing list)/

I'm actually still nowhere done with bugs that hold me back from 
recording my gameplay... :(
Now that the video recording part works, audio seems to be the next problem.

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