[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg on the Cloud

John Riley john at picloud.com
Wed Mar 13 23:49:39 CET 2013


I thought it'd be useful to share a little information about our platform,
PiCloud (http://www.picloud.com), as we have many users encoding video
these days. In fact, because of its popularity, we decided to release an
example in our documentation dedicated to encoding:


The advantage of PiCloud compared to other out-of-the-box encoding services
is that all the tools, libraries, and even ffmpeg are completely
customizable, though we provide reasonable defaults. And unlike Amazon Web
Services, you don't have to manage any servers to take advantage of
hundreds of cores for video encoding.

Since I don't want to make this a purely commercial post, I think it'd be
great if others shared good cloud solutions here as well.

Best Regards,

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