[FFmpeg-user] Video Encoding MPEG4-PART2-SP

Maryam Moghadas maryam.mgs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 13:12:19 CET 2013

Dear All,

I want to encode the raw video sequences compatible with MPEG4 Part 2
Simple Profile. I want to turn the half pel ME and IAC On and Off from the
encoder to see their effect in the decoded video sequences. I use the
following command for encoding, but I do not know default values for the
options that I am going to turn on or off. Would you please let how should
I change the command in order to include the halfpel and IAC  being on and

ffmpeg -s qcif -pix_fmt yuv420p -vframes 300 -i ~/Downloads/akiyo_qcif.yuv
-vcodec libxvid -f rawvideo -s qcif -aspect 11:9 -bf 0 -b 1024k -r 30
-vframes 30 ~/Downloads/akiyo_qcif.bit

Thank you,


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