[FFmpeg-user] Using -re with -ss to stream a ts file as live in rtmp

Nic nic.tunney at nictunney.com
Mon Mar 18 17:28:17 CET 2013

Paulo Flores <paulo <at> webcasters.com.br> writes:

> Hi People.
> My Scenery:
> I'm using ffmpeg to streaming a local .ts file (in h264) to Wowza Server
> using RTMP protocol as realtime, using -re parameter.
> In some cases because the internet connection for example the ffmpeg lost
> connection with Wowza and stops to stream, in this case I need to continue
> the stream at same file time it is stopped.
> Now the problem:
> To start ffmpeg in same position I'm using the parameter -ss to set start
> time but I'm using too -re parameter to simulate the live broadcast and in
> this case the seek to start time delay the same time of "start time" to do.
> How I can do the seek in file instantly and to the live in real time?
> Thanks,
> Paulo


Did you ever solve this?  When I use -ss and -re together the live stream pauses
for the specified start time and then starts the live stream, which of course
defeats the purpose.  How did you end up getting this to work?


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