[FFmpeg-user] Convert 720 50p > 576 50i PAL SD (resent)

David McSween 3pointedit at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 04:12:06 CET 2013

Hi, I’m an ffmpeg noob using AnotherGUi frontend. I want to convert my,

h264 720 50p video (Canon DSLR QT)


DVCpro 25 50i SD.

So I need to interlace the 50 frames into fields, and re-sync the audio to

Also I wonder if there are any useful filters to reduce twitter on fields
after/before conversion?

PS. Anyone know what the shutter angle should be used for shooting 50i? I
am guessing I should originate 360deg at 50fps so that it becomes a pseudo
180deg at 25fps.

Mods, sorry for sending from alt email.

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