[FFmpeg-user] recursively convert subfolder sequences to .mov?

Todd Sines sines at scale.la
Wed Mar 20 04:15:11 CET 2013

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply.
The closest I got to something that works is this:

/Applications/ffmpeg -f image2 -pattern_type glob -i '/Volumes/reel1/shot1/*.dpx' -r 24 -vcodec prores /Volumes/reel1/shot1/shot1.mov

What I'd rather be doing is processing all of /reel1/*/*.dpx

to find any #########.dpx sequence in each directory, to then create 


this helped:

but I still have to change the name of the input path, output path and filename on a per folder basis. 
I did 15 last night, 1 at a time, but it's gonna be a drag processing 130gb per reel like this. 

I wish my perl scripting was up to bar [or existed in the first place] because this is probably cake.

My friend Matt said the following:
-generate list of directory names
-foreach directory in your list
   - count how many things there are that you want to do something with
   - for each thing
        -fill in the blanks in your command line template
        -call the command on the command line to Make it Happen

On Mar 19, 2013, at 5:00 AM, Paul B Mahol <onemda at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 3/19/13, Todd Sines <sines at scale.la> wrote:
>> I am working on my film and I just got my set of negative scans back --
>> 260GB of DPX files.
>> I would like to take a master directory [reel 1, reel 2, etc] of a series of
>> sub-folders [shot01, shot02] of image sequences [DPX] and convert them all
>> to H264 .movs that live in their subfolder [for previewing purposes]
>> As many of the frame numbers have non-standard starting frames, is there a
>> way to recursively convert the sequence without having to rename every
>> sub-folder sequence to start with 00000001.dpx ?
>> In a perfect world I'd make H264 .mp4s and ProRes .movs at the same time.
>> Any ideas?
> Recent enough FFmpeg version have option 'start_number' for image2
> demuxer just for the reason
> that should not be need to rename millions of files.
>> Thanks,
>> Todd
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