[FFmpeg-user] 0x0 is invalid and max_analyze_duration

Cory J. Geesaman cory at geesaman.com
Fri Mar 22 04:13:44 CET 2013

I'm not certain if I should be concerned about that or not, it's part of an
ongoing effort to reduce the latency in 16 streaming video channels - 8 from
each of two computers, fed into a central ffserver machine where zoneminder
(on the same machine) picks them up for recording (the files configured in
ffserver are just 1MB limits that store to /tmp - which is configured as
tmpfs so it stays in the RAM), conversion to webm (via an ffmpeg process for
each channel) and distribution to client machines.  All the channels end up
with 3-5 seconds of lag, which I'd like to get down to less than a second -
but more troubling is the fact that when run overnight the webm streams
develop a lag of several hours (but still appear to be playing in real
time).  This 0x0 is invalid and max_analyze_duration portion comes from each
of the ffmpeg processes converting the mpegvideo streams on the ffserver
(the ones being fed directly from the 8-channel machines) into webm feeds.
I've noticed most of the time the mpegvideo streams only have about a second
of latency, so there is a good 2-4 seconds that can potentially be shaved
off just by fixing the mpegvideo --> webm conversion processes (all show
29.97 FPS when run manually, so I'm grabbing to find the potential issue
here, the lag occurs whether one of sixteen channels are running
concurrently and the resources on the machine are far from capped).

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Cory J. Geesaman <cory <at> geesaman.com> writes:

> ffmpeg -f mpegvideo -i http://localhost:8090/15.mpg -vcodec libvpx 
> http://localhost:8090/15_webm.ffm
> to convert an mpegvideo stream into a webm stream I get the following 
> error and warning:

Do you get an error or a warning?
Are you unhappy about the console output or is there an actual problem?

Please provide the complete, uncut console output.

Carl Eugen

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