[FFmpeg-user] How to output a single image (any web-viewable format) as a stream over ffserver?

Michael Ludwig milu71 at gmx.de
Tue Mar 26 13:36:18 CET 2013

Cory J. Geesaman schrieb am 19.03.2013 um 11:03 (-0400):
> Does anyone know how to configure ffmpeg to read from a live streaming
> mpeg1video and send snapshots at 29.97FPS back to the ffserver for
> distribution as single images (so the frames update along with the
> polling rate)?

You can get single images like this (5 QCIF frames per second for 3 s):

ffmpeg -i in.mpg -t 00:00:03 -r 5 -s qcif pic%06d.bmp

Without -s and -r options, it looks like it's using the input size and
frame rate.

It does work with a stream as input. I tested using this URL:


You need to allow ffmpeg to open a port on your computer.

This particular stream will not always show live images.
This is h264 (Baseline), but why would it not work with mpeg1video?

I don't understand the part about "sending snapshots back to the
server". Sounds like file copy across a network to me, is that what
you mean? You could dump the images to a network share (SMB, NFS).

Maybe I'm completely off the mark again … :)


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