[FFmpeg-user] At total loss on transcoding

btpoole tpoole at mail.com
Wed May 1 20:05:47 CEST 2013

It's ts coming from ota. It will be converted and saved to mp4 unless it 
can be converted and streamed directly without saving.  I imagine though 
it will have to be converted to mp4 and saved.  Would like to be able to 
stream the mp4 file as the ts is being converted, with a delay I know.

Todd Poole

On 5/1/2013 12:48 PM, Albert Scholtalbers [via FFmpeg-users] wrote:
> It sounds like you want to feed a stream to FFmpeg, transcode it to .mp4
> and save it to file.
> If that is possible it should not be to hard.
> You need to know, location of the stream, like http://radiox.com:80
> You need to know destination bitrate for audio and video
> Is the source Interlaced or progressive
> What is the video codec youy want to use.
> And why do you want to transcode it to .mp4?
> A lot of mediaplayers can handle transportstreams (.ts)
> and also a lot of software video editors
> Albert
>  > Help.  I have been reading and reading and can't figure out what to do.
>  > > Situation is this, I have a ts file that is saved to my computer,
>  > What is the source it is copied from ? Take that source as input for
>  > ffmpeg.
>  > > I can
>  > > convert that ts to an mp4 to play thru handbrake but only after the
> file
>  > has
>  > > finished recording.  I want to be able to transcode the file to mp4 as
>  > it is
>  > > recording to stream locally. I know this can be done I just can't
> get a
>  > grip
>  > > on it. The ts file will be passed to ffmpeg thru a batch file and
>  > hopefully
>  > > into a command line. Can somebody give me some help.  Any advice or
>  > guidance
>  > > appreciated and hopefully I can someday repay the favor.
>  > >
>  > > Thanks
>  >
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