[FFmpeg-user] advice to create ffserver.conf from working ffmpeg command

Hombibi hombibi at yahoo.com
Wed May 8 15:33:06 CEST 2013


I have the working command below to stream my webcam to IOS devices:

"ffmpeg -v verbose -f video4linux2 -s 640x480 -r 15 -i /dev/video0 -c:v libx264 -profile:v baseline -preset superfast -tune zerolatency -pix_fmt yuv420p -flags -global_header -hls_time 3 -hls_wrap 10 /var/www/live/mystream.m3u8"

The objective is to transform the -c:v .......... m3u8 part to a ffserver.conf so that it can be published with other live streams. 

The ffserver.conf outline below generates one .ts file, the hls segmenting does not seem to work. I can't find  documentation on the format of the ffserver.conf file configuration options, or on what options can or must be added. 

 To move further I would appreciate some help to gain some insight on how the segmentation options hls_time and hls_wrap must be added to the server.conf file

Port 8090
MaxHTTPConnections 2000
MaxClients 1000
MaxBandwidth 10000
CustomLog -


<Feed feed1.ffm>
   # video stream.
   File ./tmpvideofile.ffm
   # Maximum file size for buffering video
   FileMaxSize 3G
   # Allowed IPs
   ACL allow
   ACL allow

<Stream live.m3u8>
   Feed feed1.ffm
   Format hls
   VideoCodec libx264
   VideoFrameRate 15
   VideoBitRate 400
   VideoSize 640x480
AVOptionVideo me_range 16
AVOptionVideo qdiff 4
AVOptionVideo qmin 10
AVOptionVideo qmax 51
#   AVOptionVideo vpre slower
#   AVOptionVideo vpre baseline
   AVOptionVideo baseline
   AVOptionVideo crf 18
   AVOptionVideo maxrate 400k
   AVOptionVideo bufsize 1835k
   AVOptionVideo pix_fmt yuv420p
   AVOptionVideo hls_time 10
   AVOptionVideo hls_wrap 6
   AVOptionVideo flags +global_header
   # Als audio aan dan NoAudio disablen en codec, bitrate en AVOptionAudio enablen
   # Audio settings
   #AudioCodec libmp3lame
   # Audio bitrate
   #AudioBitRate 64
   # AVOptionAudio
   #AVOptionAudio flags +global_header

   PreRoll 0

# Server status URL
<Stream status.html>
   Format status
   # Only allow local people to get the status
   ACL allow localhost
   ACL allow

# Just an URL redirect for index
<Redirect index.html>
   # Redirect index.html to the appropriate site
   URL http://www.ffmpeg.org/

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