[FFmpeg-user] Playback issues with HLS on Android

René Calles me at renecalles.de
Thu May 9 11:09:14 CEST 2013

Hi all,

i'm trying to create segmented H.264 video in MPEG-TS container with AAC-Audio in Baseline profile. Strangely FFmpeg "only" creates "Constrained Baseline" video, even when using '-profile baseline' option. The reason i'm asking is because the segmented HLS video is working fine on any iOS6 device but not on Android 4+ devices.

The video starts as expected on Android devices, plays the audio fine but the video is running kind of slow motion. This behavior is better when using "Main" profile but then on segment change it gets blocky.

Anyway it doesn't look like it's an issue of the segmenter as if i encode Baseline video using a commercial encoder and segment it using FFmpeg, it plays absolutely fine on all devices.

It seems to me that there is an issue with FFmpeg encoding in "Baseline" profile as FFprobe detects it as "Constrained Baseline" but the commercial encoded one as "Baseline". So, the detection of the profile seems right.

Does anyone know what's maybe going wrong? Maybe it is only a wrong header information FFmpeg produces?

Thanks all and best regards,

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