[FFmpeg-user] Playback issues with HLS on Android

Walter Ebert lists at walterebert.com
Sat May 11 09:14:55 CEST 2013

> If you don't mind, can you provide the ffmpeg commands you used to
> generate the video segments?

The commands are on Bitbucket:

> Do the exact segments play on iDevices as well?
> I guess I can test those later on iPhone :)

The segments play on iOS devices. Although there is a problem on older
devices with a resolution of 480x360 pixels (and iOS 4.2):
- The first video can be started, but actually does not play because it
contains higher resolution streams.
- The 2nd and 3rd video cannot be started.
- The 4th video with the 480x270.m3u8 stream play just fine.

I would have expected that the device would automatically select the
highest resolution it can play.

On iPad the videos play without any problems. iPad 1 cannot play full HD
(1920x1080) or higher. That is why the highest resolution on test page
is 1280x720 pixels.

>> I looked at your test page and found that your 3rd example has a typo in
>> the mime type: appplication/vnd.apple.mpegURL
>> It should be application/vnd.apple.mpegURL
>> (Note your mistaken triple "p")

Thanks Timothy for catching that. I corrected the MIME type.


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