[FFmpeg-user] Playback issues with HLS on Android

Walter Ebert mail at walterebert.com
Tue May 14 23:38:37 CEST 2013

Hi Henk,

> Suggestions to improve encoding speed and lowering bitrate by use of
> the crf function and anamorphic instead of a PAR of 1:1
> By dividing build.sh in 5 pieces, 1 for each resolution, for example
> 1.sh - 5.sh.
> Remove the 2 pass solution to 1 pass
> In stead of -s 960x540 use 604x540 and for -s 1280x720 use 896x720
> Run in parallel with
> time ./5.sh 2>/dev/null & time ./4.sh 2>/dev/null & time ./3.sh
> 2>/dev/null & time ./2.sh 2>/dev/null & time ./1.sh 2>/dev/null &
> On my 4-core machine encoding drops from
> user	8m49.890s
> to
> user	1m19.143s
> Total size of all encoded files drops from
> 30M	tsorig ; original build.sh
> to
> 19M	ts        ; crf 22 instead of bitrate and anamorphic vs PAR 1:1
> I don't know of anamorphic works on Android on Apple iPod Touch TV
> iPad all works perfect

I will take a closer look into your suggestions. But my script was 
written to get a working solution with  good visual quality on Android. 
Encoding speed was not a consideration.

At this point I am still learning by doing ;-)


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