[FFmpeg-user] overlay filter uses unmapped cover image

Christian Ebert blacktrash at gmx.net
Fri May 17 13:27:57 CEST 2013

* Carl Eugen Hoyos on Friday, May 17, 2013 at 08:13:00 +0000
> Christian Ebert <blacktrash <at> gmx.net> writes:
>> To me it still feels like a bug that -filter_complex 
>> does not take -map 0:v:0 into account
> -map can only work on the *output* of the filter, it 
> has no effect on its input.

OK, but then from the UI perspective I would expect the filters
always to act on all inputs, but they don't:

$ ffmpeg -i test.m4v -filter_complex scale=640:480 test.mp4
Stream mapping:
  Stream #0:0 (h264) -> scale (graph 0)
  scale (graph 0) -> Stream #0:0 (libx264)
  Stream #0:1 -> #0:1 (aac -> libfaac)

Stream 0:2 or 0:v:1 is silently discarded - fine with me, but
it's surprising, don't you think?

Is it that the overlay filter just selects the _next_ video
stream regardless of whether a second -i input is given?

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