[FFmpeg-user] Video transcoding of the streamed data.

Anil J anilj.mailing at gmail.com
Sat May 18 01:52:02 CEST 2013

> > At proxy server, I can read the video data,
> > buffer it if required, and pass it to FFmpeg for transcoding. Is this
> > correct approach to do?
> >
> > I also want to put the transcoded video chunk back in the HTTP response
> to
> > pass it further to the client.
> Isn't that the same thing as the wiki? Just change the input and output to
> http.
> ffmpeg -f input-format -i http://input -c copy -f output-format
> http://output

It might work, I need to try that. BUT, my case is that at Proxy is the
controller here, which is receiving video chunks in HTTP response messages.
My thought is to take these video chunks and then invoke FFmpeg to process
them. The processed output then would go back to the HTTP response (which
is held by Proxy), and it would be sent to the HTTP client. This is typical
of proxy functionality.

The command line above imply that the stream is consumed by the FFmpeg
without any control of proxy. However I can easily infer from above command
line example, that FFmpeg has the functionality built into it to consume
the HTTP streamed video chunks (may be buffer them), process them, and
stream out them to a output http, all in realtime.

If this is indeed true, I think there should be a way to invoke FFmpeg with
buffered video data which Proxy would build, rather than leaving it to
FFmpeg completely.

I think this is really a detailed question to be discussed about FFmpeg.
This piece of functionality or understanding of FFmpeg behavior in such
scenario is very vital for my current work. I am new to this tool. I
request for more inputs, comments from the folks out there.

Thanks in advance.


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