[FFmpeg-user] How to determine progression

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sat May 18 23:24:23 CEST 2013

Am 18.05.2013 23:21, schrieb Reindl Harald:
> Am 18.05.2013 23:18, schrieb Albert Scholtalbers:
>>> you are aware that security relevant bugfixes arehappening very often for
>> video related software?
>>> we write the year 2013
>>> the times of "i do not update for years" are long gone
>> I mean I do upgrade the OS (Ubuntu) regular. I was talking about the ffmpeg
>> application itself
> obviously you have no plan or how do you imagine a ffmpeg binary
> linked against a tons of libraries will work without upgrade itself
> after a dist-upgrade?

"i was talking about the ffmpeg application itself" is also naive not to say dumb


- Several security fixes
Fixes:CVE-2012-2772, CVE-2012-2774, CVE-2012-2775, CVE-2012-2776, CVE-2012-2777,
      CVE-2012-2779, CVE-2012-2782, CVE-2012-2783, CVE-2012-2784, CVE-2012-2785,
      CVE-2012-2786, CVE-2012-2787, CVE-2012-2788, CVE-2012-2789, CVE-2012-2790,
      CVE-2012-2791, CVE-2012-2792, CVE-2012-2793, CVE-2012-2794, CVE-2012-2795,
      CVE-2012-2796, CVE-2012-2797, CVE-2012-2798, CVE-2012-2799, CVE-2012-2800,
Fixes: CVE-2012-0853, CVE-2012-0858, CVE-2011-3929, CVE-2011-3936,
       CVE-2011-3937, CVE-2011-3940, CVE-2011-3945, CVE-2011-3947
      CVE-2012-2801, CVE-2012-2802, CVE-2012-2803, CVE-2012-2804,
Several security issues that dont have CVE numbers.
Fixes: CVE-2011-3929, CVE-2011-3934, CVE-2011-3935, CVE-2011-3936,
       CVE-2011-3937, CVE-2011-3940, CVE-2011-3941, CVE-2011-3944,
       CVE-2011-3945, CVE-2011-3946, CVE-2011-3947, CVE-2011-3949,
       CVE-2011-3950, CVE-2011-3951, CVE-2011-3952
We have made 4 new point releases, (0.5.7, 0.6.4, 0.7.9 and 0.8.8). They contain some bug fixes, minor changes and
security fixes. Note, CVE-2011-4352, CVE-2011-4579, CVE-2011-4353, CVE-2011-4351, CVE-2011-4364
We have made 2 new point releases (0.7.8 and 0.8.7) that fix many bugs, several of which are security relevant
please consider 0.7.7 which is ABI compatible and contains a huge number of security fixes that are missing in 0.6.*.

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