[FFmpeg-user] ffplay feature request: advanced mouse control

Ruslan Khusnullin ruslan.khusnullin at gmail.com
Thu May 30 16:35:41 CEST 2013


I use ffplay very often, thanks to all developers and maintainers.
There is one thing breaking happy everyday usage: accidental mouse
clicks in fullscreen mode, it seeks to a random place.

It would be nice to have advanced mouse control interface also:
pause/play and zoom. I have an idea about an interface and hope you
will comment it.

Left mouse button (LMB):
    click - restore zoom to 100%
    push, select region, unpush - zoom to the selected region
Right mouse button (or Alt+LMB):
    click - pause/unpause
Middle mouse button (LMB+RMB on 2-buttons-mice or Ctrl+LMB or Shift+LMB)
    click - seek (as left mouse button acts now)

Middle mouse button click is less accidental than Left mouse button
click for most users.
All these Key+Mouse combos are needed by people with 1-button-mice.

Thanks in advance, please share your opinion.

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