[FFmpeg-user] Possible to use named pipe between ffmpeg and ffplay on Windows?

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Fri May 31 11:11:54 CEST 2013

Paul Goins <general <at> vultaire.net> writes:

>      ffmpeg -f dshow -rtbufsize 1000000k -s 1280x720 -r 30
>          -i video="Logicool HD Webcam C310"
>          -f rawvideo -vcodec copy -an

>          \\.\pipe\piper_in

Does it work with pipe://pipe/piper_in ?

FFmpeg assumes piper_in is a file (that it overwrites) 
if you don't specify anything else.

Carl Eugen

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