[FFmpeg-user] using Directshow filter to modify mpeg-4 video

Francois Visagie francois.visagie at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 06:39:00 CET 2013

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> Subject: [FFmpeg-user] using Directshow filter to modify mpeg-4 video
> Hello all!
> I have writen my own DirectShow filter. I am using it with popular video
> players and have no problems. So I need to apply my filter to some mpeg-4
> video file. As i think i need to use ffmpeg to recode video file applying
> filter.
> So the question is can I solve my problem using ffmpeg (for windows)?
> For example the procedure is:
> input_file(mpeg4) -> ffmpeg (using my filter) -> output_file(mpeg4)

It should be possible, at least in round-about fashion. Avisynth has
DirectShow filter graph support, and ffmpeg has Avisynth support ;-).

Hopefully there's direct support in ffmpeg, though.

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