[FFmpeg-user] How to cut selected parts of ffmpeg output

Thierry Lelegard thierry at lelegard.fr
Sat Nov 2 16:23:30 CET 2013


Is there a way to cut selected parts of the ffmpeg output stream?

Typically, this would be used to remove parts of a TV recording, the extra
start and end and all ads in the middle. For instance, is there a way to
say: skip from second 0 to 45.7, then keep until second 1234.6, then
skip until second 1347.4, then keep until second 2345.3, finally skip
until the end. Any other way of specifying the skip/keep point would be
ok of course.

The skip/keep points must apply on the output to keep the best accuracy
(not limited to intra frames) and to stay synchronized with external
subtitle files (subtitles/ass video filters).

I have not found anything in the documentation but it is so rich that
I may have missed the right method.

Thanks for any hint.

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