[FFmpeg-user] How to avoid channel layout guessing

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Thu Nov 14 17:10:15 CET 2013

Le quartidi 24 brumaire, an CCXXII, Tobias Rapp a écrit :
> I'm trying to transcode an AVI file with HuffYuv video stream and PCM audio
> stream into a FFV1/PCM output file using the following command:
> $ ffmpeg -i ffmpeg-huffyuv.avi -codec:v ffv1 -codec:a copy -y \
> ffmpeg-ffv1.avi
> The audio stream of the input file has a channel count of 2 and an unset
> channel layout (channel mask field of the strf-chunk is 0x0). Unfortunately
> after the video file has been transcoded the channel mask is updated to 0x3.
> I have tried forcing an empty channel mask by adding '-channel_layout 0x0'
> or '-filter:a aformat=channel_layouts=0x0' but this does not work.
> Is there any option to avoid/override the automatic channel layout guessing?

I believe the following documentation has exactly the answer you need:



  Nicolas George
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