[FFmpeg-user] Best documentation web site ( or other source )

Hans J. Albertsson hans.j.albertsson at branneriet.se
Sun Nov 24 13:19:47 CET 2013

Considering being in the situation of having a seemingly straightforward 
problem at hand, but using ffmpeg so seldom that one really starts out 
in no-clue mode every time, what would be the best place for seeking 
ffmpeg docs to steer one in the right direction??

Like just recently I had a problem in deleting one audio stream ( a 
disinterested dubbed version of the original audio ) from an avi file, 
resulting in the remaining audio stream being deemed unsupported by all 
my media players.

I just tried various remuxings at random w/o any special extra options 
and by chance hit on one that worked. Which leads me to believe that 
this particular remux by default includes redoing time stamps.

I rarely do manual work with ffmpeg, so every time I have to start from 

I really would have liked some docs that could lead me in a more 
constructive way to "what to try and how to draw conclusions about the 

And, afterwards, docs that would help me understand what actually happened.

So, I think there needs to be multiple kinds of docs for cases like mine;

Trouble-shooting guides; Given an error or problem message from ffmpeg, 
how to find out more about what the real problem is and how to make a 
guess at what to do about it.

Reference manual organised by property/aspect of the media containers 
and streams.

Reference manual organised by option/parameter/purpose of all parts of 

Cheat sheets; A set of HowTos for various tasks, and a simple way to add 
a new recipe to the collection.

Maybe all this exists already, I looked and found very little, but that 
could be just me.

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