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Hans J. Albertsson hans.j.albertsson at branneriet.se
Mon Nov 25 08:01:57 CET 2013

I've never really delved into this before, but I assume there's some 
sort of general rule of adding short descriptions in comments in the 

On 2013-11-24 21:48, Phil Rhodes wrote:
>> So my question on documentation is a very real and reasonable one; WHICH
>> ONES are the CURRENTLY best documentation sites??
> There really aren't any, for several reasons:
> - ffmpeg does a huge amount of things, making an exhaustive documentation effort difficult to organise.
> - ffmpeg changes very rapidly, and any such site would be outdated in days or weeks
> - nobody is ever going to get paid to do it, so given all this, it's never really been done.
> The lack of documentation for both the ffmpeg commandline tools and the asssociated libraries is a longstanding bugbear of mine, but unfortunately it's often the way with open source. Unfortunately there is often no other way than to ask on the mailing list. For instance, I recently had a problem with compatibility of mult audio ichannel Quicktime files which needed two of the four channels dropped; presumably it is possible to do this wilth ffmpeg, but there is no way of finding out how. I ended up using a rather sub-optimal solution involving reencoding them using a lossless intermediate codec.
> Phil
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