[FFmpeg-user] systematically encoding using x264

Chourasia, Amit amit at sdsc.edu
Wed Nov 27 21:49:35 CET 2013


I am looking for specific guidelines to encode many  sequences of image to a video using x264 encoder. The image resolution and frame rate could be arbitrary (some sequences are 256x256 others could be 4kx4k or more), usually with images 1:1 aspect ratio. I would like to create multiple resolution/bitrate videos from these sequences which could be served on multiple devices as well as downloaded. The encoding time is not a very big concern but quality is a huge concern, as these sequences have scientific content. 

I am seeking some pointers on this and if there is someone out there who may be interested in collaborating that will be great. I'll be willing to open a set of sequences which could be used for tests, benchmarks, quality comparisons etc.

Most useful documentation I have seen so far on this is at the following URL

I appreciate any responses on this.


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