[FFmpeg-user] drawtext filter use with stream output?

Alex Morris axman.5389 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 22:02:11 CEST 2013

>> Output of flv to a stream appears to process 3
>> frames, then stops silently.
> Does it work if you remove the drawtext filter?
> Does it work if you use file input?
> (That would allow me to test.)
> If audio doesn't work (and isn't needed to
> reproduce the problem, please remove it.

My results are a bit different than Raghu's.  Audio input and audio
output parameters were removed.

File input -> file output with and without drawtext works perfectly.
h264:mp4 and flv tested.

File input -> stream output with and without drawtext fails.  In the
case with drawtext, ffmpeg dies after starting to transcode first
frame.  In the case without drawtext, some wierd debug output..  h264
and flv both behave strangely.  Investigating more.

v4L capture -> file output with and without drawtext works perfectly using flv.

v4L capture -> file output with drawtext does not work using x264:mp4.
 MOOV atom not found.  for this command, I am using -movflags
"+faststart", but I suspect that killing the ffmpeg process (instead
of pressing q ) may probably the reason for this.  Thanks Carl for
previous post on this topic.

Seems as though the streaming output is broken for me.  Happy to help
with testing or trying different configurations, any suggestions are


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