[FFmpeg-user] Libav (Avconv) Imposition on Users who want FFmpeg

miro.rovis at croatiafidelis.hr miro.rovis at croatiafidelis.hr
Thu Apr 24 13:28:12 CEST 2014

On 2014-04-24 05:53, miro.rovis at croatiafidelis.hr wrote:
> ...[snip]
>> I'v also screencast this, so there be no one will be
>> able to say I'm lying:
>> 2abcd85f801c73e59b7caaaf1d16a29e513d270efe924643fbffdf6b962384c3
>> Screen_140423_222051_naibd6.mkv
>> and taking pcapdump:
>> c89f8a343d04eea607035f5e5f4d3041ee0de5420ffbd53c349839768a42f4ce
>> dump_140423_222052_naibd6.pcapng
> ...[snip]
>> BTW, I'm using:
>>  ffmpeg -f pulse -f x11grab -s xga -r 10 -i :0.0 Screen_`date
>> +%y%m%d_%H%M%S`_`hostname`.mkv
>> on Debian (but it's Christian Marillat's FFmpeg)
>> for screencasting
>> Miroslav Rovis
>> Zagreb, Croatia
>> www.CroatiaFidelis.hr
> I can be off now (unless I need to reply more). But I have to
> tell that I wanted to demonstrate what my (Bash) program Flowstamp
> can do, using FFmpeg and ImageMagick and other:
> http://www.croatiafidelis.hr/gnu/Flowstamp/
> It is a flowstamped screencast of what I wrote in my previous post.
> (I was wrong, in most aspects.)

I would have liked if I could now have gone away because I can't be up 
to the discussion, to incomplete being my understanding, I am not really 
a dev (only a fraction of a dev).

But I must show that the links to Gentoo Forums that I gave were all 
the time consistent, and some have now started to not show.

I have gone now through all the messages as they are archived on:
and freely available to the world.
At some point in the past, all of these opened exactly the same page, 
or, what else, in other words they were all probably (sym)links to the 
same page, that bears the same exact title as this thread that you are 
reading, either by means of your mail agent, or from the web:
(that title of course being:
Libav (Avconv) Imposition on Users who want FFmpeg

I first noticed that "inconclusiveness" in this post of this thread:
But the post on Gentoo I was first given a link as:
(when it went down as explained in imediately consecutive posts, and 
why bother
wording any unnecessary suspicion on that)

But I have seen even more addresses that usually were taking over the 
address (which took over from the then old), as I was posting, and I 
don't want
to (not just because it's laborious), but if I wanted I could prove so, 
I was often screencasting, as I explained here:

But this is just not right. Why would someone do so?
I have to now recall that I already noticed that also here:
where find:
> And did anybody notice they multiplied the links to the topic, and you
> know it took me a while to first understand it (it's just e.g.
> symlinking, nothing else, but why?) and then to get over the 
> frustration
> about it...

But the problem is some of the links, most notable the very first one 
that was given
to me as I posted on Gentoo Forums, is now not working!

So whoever reads the archives will have problem figuring out what 

And that is not a *good thing*.

What I get it I try to access the very first address that the topic I 
opened was assigned is:

  phpBB : Critical Error

Error updating sessions table

and nothing shows.

But the link, if one opens the section of the Forums:
Portage & Programming
  is currently there under:
Libav (Avconv) Imposition on Users who want FFmpeg

and whether now the other links open that exact same page, I am sick 
now of making any more trying about it.

Instead, what I posted, and for conciliatory reasons I posted not 
anything that puts anybody in bad light, here:
Flowstamp Demo
is when there was nice, conciliatory talk on this issue in that topic 
on Gentoo Forums.

I am happy that developers, really capable people, have now been 
discussing this issue in the open!

I wish everybody all the best, to all, but to some the prosperity I 
wish for them is neither in my computer not by imposition on users, but 
through fair competition, if they can,

Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia,

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