[FFmpeg-user] Incorrect value in RIFF WAV byterate field in ffmpeg 0.10.x

Wilfried Weissmann wweissmann at realnetworks.com
Mon Aug 11 11:36:33 CEST 2014

In reply to Carl Eugen Hoyos:

"The problem is: Why are you using 0.10?"

Simply because that is the version that is available in the rpmfusion repository. I tested if the problem is still in 0.10.14 which was released at the end of June, but it did not help.

I try to stay away from repackaging a newer major release of the whole thing, including its dependencies, and rebuild for RHEL 5. This is already more complex for us than it should be.



PS: Sorry about how I did the reply. I was not subscribed to the list yet. This is now fixed.

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