[FFmpeg-user] creating time-lapse video

sberg at mississippi.com sberg at mississippi.com
Mon Aug 25 13:47:00 CEST 2014

I have a collection of images from a zoneminder camera that I want to create a time-lapse video from.  There are multiple zoneminder events, each 10 minutes in duration at 2 frames per second.  I can get ffmpeg to create a video from each event but they have no audio track.  I plan to edit out sections that have little or no activity using a windows program (VideoReDo), but it won't load video files that have no audio track.

I'm having trouble finding the right syntax and command line options for adding a silent audio track.  I'm also unsure if it would be more efficient to create each event video, then add the audio track and concatenate them all together, or create the videos, concatenate and then add the audio track.  My gut feeling is it won't matter much but maybe there's a preferred sequence that I'm not aware of.

Some details in case they are significant:
- Each event is made up of about 1200 jpg images, 1920x1088, filename:  "%05d-capture.jpg"
- "ffmpeg -r 30 -i %05d-capture.jpg event1.mpg" creates a good video sans audio track

Just looking for a simple way to add a silent audio track to event file so I can start editing out the boring sections of the resulting videos.  I might end up burning the final video to DVD so a friend that is helping me build this shed can have a decent copy of the video.

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