[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg compiling issue on ARM (via mplayer)

X3fil xefil at xefil.com
Fri Aug 29 09:15:23 CEST 2014

Good morning Carl,

I've focused on this mailinglist 'cause it's related to ffmpeg.
Then, looking near to config.h I've seen it sends to a root directory, also to mplayer config.h.
So, it's more mplayer related.
Setting into config.h -> HAVE_SETEND to 1, the issue is solved.

I've then asked to mplayer too. New svn will solve this issue, also not ffmpeg related.

Thanks for the answer anyway!


Il 28/08/2014 23:08, Carl Eugen Hoyos ha scritto:
> X3fil <xefil <at> xefil.com> writes:
>> I'm trying to compile mplayer.
> (Then why do you send an email to this mailing list?)
> Does compiling current FFmpeg git head work for you?
> If not, what are the differences in config.h?
> Carl Eugen
> PS: Before you really send an email to mplayer-users:
> My question there will be: Did you already try to
> compile current FFmpeg git head?
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